April 17, 2013

Scibor Miniatures - upgrading WHFB Dwarfs

Getting enough models for a 2nd Hammerer unit and some decent unit fillers are (along with a display board) the only outstanding goals I have for my WHFB Dwarf army.  While I quite like GW Metal Hammerer models - although most Dwarf players don't - I'd would quite like to field something a little different.

Simon Switzer has two units of Mantic Dwarfs which are pretty good but not quite my cup of tea, although I did seriously consider getting some a year of so ago (there undead range is excellent if your a VC player).  One manufacturer I have had my eye on is Scibor Miniatures in Poland whose range of 28mm Fantasy models is very Dwarf heavy and very good. Unlike Mantic however I havent been able to find a decent review of the Scibor vs. GW but the general word is that the infantry are comparable perhaps 1-2mm out while the Heroes are oversized and not suitable.

For Hammerers there are a few different options of which the following are perhaps the best.


Terrain wise I will be ordering their Dwarf terrain pieces as unit fillers and for my display board - although it will have to wait a little bit for the budget to catch up.

But unfortunately thats where the order will have to stop as the alternative Hammer models cost 5.50 Euros each so getting enough for a unit of 30-40 is pretty high. 

But a box of 5 metal GW Hammerers will set you back NZ$48 meaning a unit of 40 with command from GW will set you back NZ$384.  Whereas 40 Scibor miniatures = 220 Euros or NZ$323 at the current exchange rate so not bad.

 Plus if latest GW release rumours are true then Dwarfs are due out in November which should mean new models.

But I see no reason not to pick up 1 or 2 of their alternate Slayer models... I mean who wouldnt want of these guys?



Simon Switzer said...

The scibor models are really really good, but like you said they are quite dear. I went down the mantic road for my hammerers for obvious reasons.

Also, when you said Dwarfs in November, I had a slight spazim and brain juice started to leak from my ears, that how exited I got. I'll cross my fingers but won't get my hopes up... to much


Jeffrey Kent said...

That Cupid Slayer is genuinely disturbing...

John Murrie said...

Theres are more disturbing one than that Jeff - Dwarf/Goblin love and all that.

And Simon I saw the full GW release schedule somewhere yesterday and Dwarfs were down for November :)

Tane said...

I'd actually wait for Avatars of War. They've said that they're going to release a unit of Doomcrushers, elite Dwarves armed with two-handed hammers (gee, I wonder who they could represent?).

They will take some months to complete, as AoW is well behind schedule as usual. But I think they'll be well worth the wait, much cheaper than GW or Scibor too for a NZ gamer. Here's the Indiegogo page detailing what he's going to produce;


I have a unit of plastic AoW slayers, and they are fantastic. Here's his latest offering, a sample of the Dwarf Pathfinders (Rangers) due for release in June;


John Murrie said...

The AoW stuff is very nice and much cheaper. If the Slayer rules get better in the next book im planning on getting 1-2 of their box sets.

Old Fogey said...

There's no mention of dwarfs in November over on Warseer, so not sure about that rumour.

The new AOW plastics are looking good, definitely rangers material, or xbows, I will be hoping to pick up box or two later in the year - if AOW can get their production line going.

At one time I had a small collection of dwarf metals with great weapons that I had earmarked for hammerers, anvil guard, old classics,etc, to mix in with the hammerers. It's not necessarily cheap, but you can pick them up on ebay. In the end I sold them all, I want to build up a consistent AOW army, but as you have already made a big investment in GW it might be a route worth considering.

John Murrie said...

The Rangers do look good but unless Rangers get fixed in the new book they're not something Id get.

The November book date was from BoLS (I think) cant recall now unfortunately.

I was very lucky in that I picked up 20 or so of my Hammerers from TradeMe (NZ's ebay) for $50 which saved me a ton.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of their range

The Kiwi said...

I have some Scibor figures for my Kings of War dwarf heros and some of the Scibor broken terrain bits for my base fillers. It's good quality stuff.


Neil said...

Slave to Painting have a 15% discount on Scibor at the moment

John Murrie said...

15% off you say???? Check it out I will ta :)