April 18, 2013

Seriously amazing painting - Tomb Kings & Pre-Heresy Space Marines

Doing more internet procrastination last night and came across a blog by James Wappel in the US which covers 40k, WHFB and a range of other game systems & miniatures.  His work is simply awe inspiring.  The first post that took my eye was a unit of Tomb King chariots complete with customised themed movement try and bases - all hand painted.

During the hour or so I trawled through his blog I must have spent a good 10 minutes of that staring at his pre-heresy 30k White Scars.  They're a mix of GW and FW models and are again just awe inspiring. Well worth the look and most definately given my some inspiration - if I didnt get enough already from Pete & Charlies work on Fields of Blood.



Meals said...

His White Scars are truly the standard to aspire to. I've based mine somewhat on his scheme, but no way I'm trying to shade my White like that!

John Murrie said...

I know his stuff is seriously good - and there's a ton of it going to spend a day or so reading through his older posts.

wappellious said...

Many thanks for the kind words, and for taking the time to peruse the blog! Hopefully I shall keep you entertained!!