April 30, 2013

WHFB Tournament Report - Runefang VI Game 1 + High Elves

Dawn Attack vs. Beastmen
First Turn -No

The first of five pictorial based reports from Runefang VI - all pictures are quite big so click on them to see the bigger versions.
The Dwarfs of Karak Thorinkin wait for the impending Beastman advance
Up against Locky Reids Beastman horde complete with 5 mages and a fair bit of chaff.  Had never played Locky before but have always heard nice things about him so was looking forward to it.  Terrain was reasonably good though and after winning the dice roll off I was able to pick a side and deploy in a position were his hordes would find it hard to advance towards me.  With 4 scrolls and lots of shooting my basic strategy was to pew pew lots of stuff chaff first then the Gor Horde, then charge into combat before my last scroll was used up and his magic could take full effect. However, it would all come down to the random deployment, and I got very lucky with everything rolling well. 
3 Beast mages make best use of the Herdstone, 2 more are with the advancing horde units

Turn 1 - Beastmen advance, with Chaff aiming for my Warmachines and flanks, one surprise comes when Locky puts his unit of GW armed Gors into a building.  This allows me to move up a unit of Warriors close to it effectively blocking it in and preventing it from deploying anywhere close to me.  One OG is in the centre, the 2nd on the extreme right along with the Grudge Thrower and the Cannon is in the extreme left corner.  Slayers are stationed in each corner as well.
Dwarf pew pew takes an early toll.  The Gyro kills of 4/5 harpies while the Organ Guns, Cannon and Grudgethrower all target the Beastmen horde in the centre - killing over 1/2 of them.  Quarrellers take aim at the approaching Chariot getting it down to 1 wound and the Slayers on the flanks advance to prevent enemy chaff from hitting the distant war machines.
With no magic going off and units getting chewed up by shooting the Beasts are at least able to reduce the damage somewhat when the sole remaining Harpy charges the central Organ Gun
Slayers provide flank protection seeing of two charging units of Dogs and saving the warmachines deployed on those flanks.  The Slayer on my left would, after chasing the Dogs away, play no further part in the battle while the 2nd would be killed off my Beastmen missile fire.
Hammerers and Warriors advance toward the depleted Gor Horde choosing to ignore the Beastmen chaff trusting to their warmachines and Quarrellers to get rid of it for them.
The Quarrellers aren't to successful though and the Beast chariot, severly wounded it may be, manages to charge their ranks.  But its impact is light with only 2 Dwarfs falling and it is soon chopped to bits.
Meanwhile in the centre with one Beast horde stuck in a building the other is sitting face to face with a block of Hammerers and another block of Warriors.  Opting to save itself the Beast unit starts a tactical retreat leaving it up to the Gyrocopter to pew pew it.
About Turn 3 - Chaff on the left and right is basically all dead/fleeing or about to die.  The large Beast horde in the building has nowhere to deploy but back toward the Herdstone.  The 2nd horde is now at 1/4 of its original strength as more and more Dwarf pew pew takes a heavy toll.  Dwarven units are now perfectly positioned to charge home.
Beastmen magic finally works.  As the large horde moves out of the building (and a unit of Dwarves moves in) and redeploys a Purple Sun of Xerxes plows straight through the middle of one Dwarven Warrior unit killing 22/30 Dwarfs.
The big push - The Gyrocopter has buzzed over and tried (unsuccessfully) to pew pew the Beastmen mages, who shoot it down with a couple of Fireballs in response.  Meanwhile the Hammerers still at full strength and with their BSB charge into the depleted Gor horde.  The smaller block of Warriors still hurting from being Purple sunned opt to charge the unit of 40 Gors that has just emerged from the nearby building.  They don't make it but do go far enough to get in the way.
With the having made quick work of the depleted Gor Horde the reamining Beasts face a tough choice.  The horde whch has moved out of the building can only really charge the small block of Dwarf Warriors to their left front.  If they do they will leave their flank exposed to the Hammerers, or allow the Hammerers to charge their Mages positioned near the herdstone. They opt for something different moving forward slightly and extending their line to cover the mages.
If you won't charge me we'll charge you!!! 8 Dwarfs against 40 GW weilding Gors and the Beastmen General.  But its not completely bad as the Hammerers as killed the Beasts BSB and primal fury becomes strangely elusive.
Ah ha I have you now - Hammerers to the front and Warriors to the back.
The Warriors don't last long and the Gors overrun but not very far.  The next turn the Hammerers charge their front while the 2nd Warrior block emerges from the building to the rear of the Gors.  Meanwhile the Beastmen mages have redeployed away from the battle hoping to save themselves.
The position at the end of Turn 6
Despite trapping Locky's unit in a neat pincer move I was unable to deal it the killing blow and wipe it out.  GW weilding Beasts also chopped through my Hammerers who were unable to deal with their primal fury (once it kicked in as it did fail in the 1st round of combat) and the Warriors could only get in for two rounds before we hit the end of Turn 6.  With all of his characters, with the exception of the BSB, still alive and this remaining horde undefeated my VP tally is a lot lower than it could have been.

Tactically this was one of my best games although I was aided by (1) Locky moving his large block into the building, (2) some great pew pew killing A LOT of stuff and (3) his very poor magic phases (although having 4 scrolls helped me here).  

End result 
Dwarven VP 790
Beastmen VP 485
Result 11 - 9 win to Dwarfs 

And stepping away from Dwarves for a bit I placed a pre-order with GW for the new High Elf book and the High Elf magic cards today.  Should always be getting the May issue of White Dwarf in the mail soon and the first of several test pieces have been stripped ready for repainting in what will be my High Elf army's new paint scheme - more soon.


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