May 15, 2013

Alith Anar the Shadow King & WIP new HE colour scheme

I've had this model in my collection right from the word go one of the first I acquired when I started wargaming back in 2008 but until last night I had never tried painting him.  But the new HE book gave me the inspiration I needed and Ill probably try using him in the odd list as well.  Also worked on a Reaver and Dragon Prince model testing out how the new colour scheme would look on them.

For the test models I concentrated only on figuring out where to put the green and blue areas and getting the right shade on each.  So far it hasn't worked out that well and looks horribly rough.

Starting to think I might just leave everyone purple as honestly repainting everything is going to be a bit of a pain and I'm struggling to get the new scheme to work properly.  It looks great on Dwarfs but not so much on the High Elves.  I'll finish off the two test models to see what they look like and the IOB Swordmasters but I thats about it - as far as the rest of my collection goes Ill concentrate on fixing the basing by redoing all of the snow and tidying up some of the painting on a few models.

Alith Anar with a future Everqueen - well my Princess really

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Runeflames said...

Pretty cute. It's nice seeing other wargamer's kids.