May 29, 2013

Loremaster Ho!!! Army list for 2nd game with new High Elves

Up against Jeff Kents Lizards tomorrow (I think - or it could be his Full Monty Dark Elves) with my new High Elves.  Once again i find myself struggling to include all the new toys.  My Flamespyre arrived yesterday and has already been assembled minus the stand which I intend replacing with a metal rod for extra strength, and I'll be giving that a run.  Also finished painting my Loremaster conversion last night so I'll bring him out as well.

Still as with all High Elf lists in 8th Edition you run into the inevitable core tax problem - although has been reduced somewhat by the ability to take Silver Helms and Reavers - but still can't take all the toys, but then most armies can't.

Anyway for tomorrow nights game I intend on fielding the following:

Loremaster - 320pts
w. Shield of Merwyn, Dragonbane Gem, Book of Hoeth, Sword of Might

Taking this guy instead of a Level 4 giving him the Book is kind of cheesy but will be fun.

Mage - 170pts
w. Level 2, High Magic, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Fury

Noble - 149pts
w. Battle Standard, Armour of Caledor, Great Weapon

These two appear to be my bog standard options as they are in every list.  The only thing that seems to change is the Lord choice i.e. Loremaster or Level 4.

16 x Archers - 180pts
w. Musicia, Standard Bearer

16 x Archers - 170pts
w. Musician

5 x Silver Helms - 125pts
w. Musician, Shields

5 x Silver Helms - 125pts
w. Musician, Shields

Taking Silver Helms instead of 3 lots of Archers & 2 Reavers because (a) I've finished painting my Dragon Princes and I wanted to use them and (b) I can't fit standard Dragon Princes into the list so proxying them as Silver Helms is the next best thing. 

24 x Phoenix Guard - 400pts
w. Full Command, Razor Standard

Finally getting these guys out again because (a) they were my favourite HE unit in 7th and I wanted to, (b) Martial Prowess makes them just that little bit better and (c) they are better than Swordmasters atm.  Under 8th rules the core tax basically meant HE armies lost one Special choice as the points had to be in core.  For me this meant dropping one of PG, WL or SM and I usually opted to drop PG and concentrate on having GW with re-rolls.  Times have changed though.

27 x White Lions - 431pts
w. Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon

Still very vulnerable to mundane shooting with only a 5+ AS and the same in combat and without re-rolls they are not quite as effective.  But ASF from 3 ranks of GW is pretty damn good. And at I5 not many things go before them. 

Eagle - 50pts

Eagle - 50pts

Would prefer Reavers as I quite value the Vanguard ability plus with a bigger frontage Reavers can roadblock more of the enemy, but still Eagles are solid - well except for the one model that lost its wings a couple of weeks ago.

Flamespyre Phoenix - 225pts

Not sure on this guy yet - as a Dwarf player he's just a big Cannon target that will get blow away in Turn 1 but with a Loremaster and a couple of good Signature spells plus the 'Attuned to Magic' special rule he might survive a bit longer than you think.  Will definately come in handy against big blocks of Skaven and Night Goblins - but again only if he doesn't get shot out of the sky in Turn 1.  Got the model because its cool and I want to paint it but whether I use it or not is still debatable.

TOTAL 2,395

Only 9 drops so I am going to get out deployed but good mix of fast movers and big blocks.  Probably not enough shooting but having access to the Ring of Fury and the signature Lore of Fire spell helps here.

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Yacht Ho said...

Since you have the Loremaster, have you considered having one single large block of archers, horde-style?

A single casting of Wyssan's Wildform would turn the unit into a dwarf-killer.