May 26, 2013

DIY High Elf Loremaster of Hoeth

Taking a leaf out of Joel's, from The Brush of Doom, book I decided to kit bash my own Loremaster of Hoeth.  Unfortunately I made the strange decision to throw away my massive collection of bits last year and consequently didn't have much to work with.

But that being said I found more than enough to put together what is IMHO a pretty good looking Loremaster albiet without the Octopus and Love Heart accessories found on the GW model. 

Yes I know the guy is supposed to have a GW and no shield, but running him with a Magic Sword and the Sheild of Merwyn is something I have considered and I like the look (oh and it covers up the mess I made after cutting off the Lion Cloak).  The Book is a reasonable stand in for the Octopus and if you really want to be cheesy their is no reason you couldn't give the Loremaster the Book of Hoeth - would make 1 dicing spells a lot easier.

The head is OK but Ill see how well I can chop the head of one my spare metal Swordmasters as that might make a better looking model.


Ryan said...

Nice work, looks really good. Always satisfying to have your own model on the table.

Did you consider repositioning the legs at all? It's risky taking a knife to the knee joint but can make the model look much more dynamic, and any mistakes can be fixed with green stuff and patience.

John Murrie said...

Cheers Ryan - I did consider it for a 2nd but my green stuffing skills are "ahem" not flash. So left them as is... if I had all my bits I would have had a lot more to play with.

Ryan said...

I did some with marine biker legs, converting them to standing and running from sitting and splayed. Worked out easier than I expected though they are alot chunkier than HE legs. I'll see if I can find an example and link a picture.

Looking forward to seeing him on the table!