May 21, 2013

High Elves podcast & more Horus Heresy novels

I've never paid that much attention to WHFB podcasts although I have listened to the odd episode from various sources e.g. Podhammer, Helenhammer. This one though is well worth a listen for High Elf players (if you can tolerate listening to a bunch of drunken Australians) and it gave me a lot of ideas for list building - too many unfortunately as I have now had to change the list I was going to use this Thursday

Link to the podcast 

Couple of new arrivals in the mail box this morning as well from the Black Library (courtesy of some incredibly slow delivery times by - whom I won't be using again).

Been looking forward to reading these for sometime now so very happy to get them (finally).  The cover art on Betrayer is just amazing...I mean check this out Ultramarines getting slaughtered just brilliant

Looking forward even more though to getting my Flamespyre Phoenix in the mail sometime in the next couple of days - despite searching various sources I've had to order it from GW as a cheaper alternative couldn't be found.

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Wryth said...

shame about the slow delivery from Mighty Ape, I use them all the time and have stuff a day or 2 later.