May 21, 2013

First game with High Elves this week so heres my list

Facing Calebs Warriors of Chaos (or maybe his Lizards) on Thursday and taking the new High Elves for the first time.  I've written a score or more lists since getting my new army book but have finely settled on one to take at the club this week, will require some proxying but... so here it is.  Battle Report up on Friday.

Archmage - 285pts
w. Level 4, High Magic, Book of Hoeth, Golden Crown

Re-roll one dice each time I cast or dispel and getting +5 to cast (+4 for L4 and +1 for being a High Elf) add this to the Book of Hoeth and I can one dice some spells.  Oh and 2+WS vs. first wound

Mage - 185pts
w. Level 2, High Magic, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Fury, Barded Steed

Power Level 3 bound spell casting 2D6 S4 and 5+AS from the horse.  Going with DP Bus

Noble - 165pts
w. Battle Standard, Dragon Armour, Charmed Shield, Sword of Might, Dawnstone, Barded Steed

Slightly different combo.  Has 2+ AS with re-rolls, 2+ WS vs. Flaming, 2+ WS vs. first wound.hit; 3 attacks @ S5

16 x Archers - 170pts
w. Musician 

16 x Archers - 170pts
w. Musician
16 x Archers - 170pts
w. Musician

5 x Reavers - 105pts
w. Musician, Bows & Spears

5 x Reavers - 105pts
w. Musician, Bows & Spears

10 x Dragon Princes - 400pts
w. Full command, Banner of World Dragon, Star Lance on Champion

With the Mage and BSB there will be 12 models in this unit, unless I run the L2 around by himself.  Thinking of ranking them up 4 wide with the Mage in the 2nd rank.  This will protect him from combat while still allowing every DP to attack

30 x White Lions - 435pts
w. Full command, Standard of Discipline

Big target without the uber Dragon banner but still a big FOff block and with the Archmage in there you can give them a WS from the High Magic lore attribute.

15 x Sisters of Avelorn  - 210pts

OK don't have the models but I am going to get them.  15 S4 magical flaming attacks that are AP vs. the forces of Darkness armies. No musician though so vulnerable if they run.  Also considered a unit of 10 Shadow Warriors but at similar points these girls are just that much better.

TOTAL 2,400

So no Griffon, Loremaster or Flamespyre at least not yet and for me the big change is no Spears it was hard but I just couldn't include them but I'm going to have to work out some kind of cheese theme list so I can field them somehow (I have 80-100 of the models so don't feel like wasting them).


Sam said...

Nice list John. You cant parry when mounted though, so that item is a waste on the noble.

Elven Glades said...

Hey John,

Be keen to hear how the Book goes for the game. I am going to go a bit more falling down a hole protection for my archie.

Which bunker are you placing the LVL2in?
Like the Banner WD on the Dp's. Not sure about starlance but could potentially be top guns.
Reaver bow only provides +1str so your champ will be 3x str4 shots.

My list still uses spears as cheap ranks but seaguard could be a go.


James Milner said...

Sorry mate, You dont get Parry saves on a horse. Sadly there is a good reason why that shield is so damn cheap.

Otherwise, very solid list.

Tane said...

G'day John,

I like the units of 15 Archers, they're actually quite effective, or so I've found when people shoot them at me.

The High Mage in the DP bus will come in handy when they face Organ Guns, Doom Divers and other things that aren't magical, yet chew through cavalry. He becomes the priority caster then I imagine, to get that Dragon Armour Ward Save from 6++ to a more useful number.

Finally, your BSB is mounted with the Merwyrm Shield. Can you get a Parry save on horseback?

John Murrie said...

Cheers for feedback guys and your right Merwyn shield doesnt work on horseback will swap it for charmed shield instead.

John Murrie said...

List adjusted - dropped Reaver bow added 3 more Archers and gave BSB Charmed Shield + Dawnstone