May 10, 2013

Thanks GW, new High Elf colour scheme & need help with 30k Word Bearers

First up big props to GW Australia for some excellent customer service. A new High Elf army book is already on its way out to me to replace the damaged one I recieved the other day, and I get to keep the damaged one which saves me the cost of returning it. Thanks GW thats awesome.

First run with the new High Elves will hopefully be in a fortnights time, and then again (if I can get a leave pass) at my next WHFB tournament Horned Rat VI. As stated Im using the new book as an incentive for stripping, repainting and rebasing my entire High Elf collection. The new paint scheme will mirror that of my Dwarfs - Ultramarine Blue, Goblin Green & Scab Red. Luckily I have A LOT of unpainted High Elves to practice on starting with 10 IOB Swordmasters.
The new scheme a WIP and still pretty messy
Current look is provided for comparison purposes and for showing the major differences between the IOB Swordmasters and the metal ones.  While I prefer the old metal White Lions and Phoenix Guard the IOB Swordmasters, Griffon & Reavers are fantastic - Seaguard not so much.
The old scheme soon to be replaced

Still have a fair bit to do on them but I'm liking the look so far - keeping it darker than with my Dwarfs.  Worked out a simple way of painting the gold areas - Vomit Brown, Dwarf Bronze and then Devlan Mud Wash (sorry still using the old names).  Basing wise Ill be stocking up on Flower tufts like those below - but in brighter colours - and no more snow.

I'm also facing a bit of a problem with my Horus Heresy 30k Word Bearers.  I managed to get my Forgeworld MkIII/MkIV Astartes looking pretty good with a nice dull look to them.  But I forgot to write down the process I used and have been struggling to replicate it.  You can see what I mean in the pictures below of a MkIII Astartes painted in January and the Chaos Terminator Lord I finished last night.

Basically the red areas on the Terminator Lord and a few GW MkVII armoured Astartes I've also started is too bright and doesnt have the same dusty/dull look.  Both models have had Moana Vale dullcoat/sealant applied to them but there is something I'm missing.

Any thoughts, ideas and comments are most welcome.


Jeffrey Kent said...

The new paintjob on the swordmasters looks great mate.

Wryth said...

Good to see those Swordmasters in proper Stumpy colours

Jonah said...

Like the new High Elf colours - perfect mistrusted allied contigent for the Dwatves one day!