May 3, 2013

New Zealand Tournament Calendar - FOW Ahoy!!!!

After an enjoyable weekend of WHFB gaming at Runefang VI its time to reorientate myself toward Flames of War again as 5/7 of the next tournament events I hope to attend are all FOW.

NICON 1st - 2nd June
This is being held in Napier for the first time in years and if I can get there it should be a lot of fun. My first WHFB tournament event was NICON in Napier where my Dwarfs got a very cruel introduction to the realities of tournament play.  Its a Mid-War event utilising Eastern Front, Burning Empires and North Africa and I'll be running a 1500pt Afrika Korp Panzer Company.

Horned Rat 22nd/23rd June
Another one of Pete Dunn's Wellington Events - now renamed the Horned Gobbo, where I managed to pick up Bests Sporst last year (was a very nice surprise).  Pete also ran a campaign event at Horned Rat two years ago which was fantastic but alas not this year.  No comp on High Elves so maybe I'll take them, but I am leaning toward Ogres. 

Panzershrek Doubles - 20th/21st July
This is my clubs annual event and one I will definately be attending as the venue is only a few blocks away and its slightly easier to get there than Wellington & Napier.  2200pts Late War with each team members taking 1100pts each, 200 of which can be swapped between players e.g. one guy takes 900 and the other 1300.  Entering once again with Jeremy Gray and we're hoping to avoid the wooden spoon.  Our first Panzershrek we picked it up, avoided it by one place last year and this year I'd like to finish higher than that.  Still finalising our respective lists but at the moment it looks like we pretty settled on a Panther/Ersatz FJ list:

Jeremy's Panthers (CT)
2 x Panther D/G
3 x Panther D/G
3 x Panther D/G
1,150 pts 

My Ersatz FJ (FT)
CHQ - 2 x PF/SMG, 2 x PS
FJ - PF/SMG + 2 Squads
FJ - PF/SMG + 2 Squads
FJ Heavy Mortars - 2 x 12cm
Panther Platoon - 3 x Panther G (CV)
Recon Platoon - 1 x SdKfz 250, 2 x SdKfz 250/9
Heavy AA - 1 x 88mm (ROF 3), Gun Pit (RT)
1,050 pts

Call to Arms 3rd/4th August
The big Wellington event of each year that includes FOW, WHFB, 40k and WM with WM really dominating player numbers.  Had some great demonstration games for Dystopian Wars last year and 2012 was a first for me when I entered the FOW competition rather than WFHB for the first time.

Still debating whether to go FOW-LW or WHFB with the new High Elves at this stage, depends largely on how quickly I can get my High Elves repainted and based before August.

After these events things are definately FOW focused and depending on how the organisers go there are 3 events coming up August - October that I would really like to attend
  • FRACAS - 600pt FOW alternates between MW and EW
  • Market Garden FOW - was being set up by Bede Bailey but he has had to withdraw, hoping it might still get off the ground; scheduled for first weekend of October
  • Shannon FOW - Bob was contemplating setting up another small FOW event locally after the great job he did with FRACAS last year, so here's hoping.
On the Warhammer front we also have the following events scheduled for Oct-Dec
  • Skitterleap (WHFB - 2400pts)
  • Vermintide (WHFB - 1200pts)
  • Horus Heresy Campaign Weekend (WH30k ???pts)
Oh and of course after I alter the fabric of the universe and achieve a massive reversal in form the stars will realign and I could take Dwarfs to WHFB Masters... HA HA... ;)


lap1964 said...

Ref your PSD FJ list,there seems a lot of small plts ? Maybe you could try this out ?
Compulsory Fallschirmjager Company HQ - 1x CinC SMG/PF, 1x 2iC SMG/PF (60 pts)
3x Panzerschreck (75 pts)
1x 8cm GW 42 (Stummelwerfer) Mortar (20 pts)

Compulsory Fallschirmjager Platoon - 1x Command Panzerfaust SMG, 9x Rifle/MG (215 pts)

Compulsory Fallschirmjager Platoon - 1x Command Panzerfaust SMG, 6x Rifle/MG (155 pts)

Fallschirmjager Mortar Platoon - 1x Command SMG, 1x Observer Rifle, 2x 8cm GW42 (Stummelwerfer) Mortar (55 pts)

Fallschirmjager Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon - 1x Command SMG, 3x 2cm FlaK38 (60 pts)

Fallschirmjager Assault Gun Platoon - 3 x StuG G (325 pts)

Ersatz Panzerspah Platoon - 1x Command Sd Kfz 250 (Recon), 2x Sd Kfz 250/9 (2cm) (85 pts)
1050 Points, 6 Platoons

Scott said...

Must admit I am tempted by these too. I wouldn't mind NiCon, but the commute & weekend stay could be an issue with time to get there and back, and costs...

Pretty sure I'll be at Panzerschrek, teaming up with Paul Waechter, we're likely to go with Brits...

Call to Arms is a possibility too...

John Murrie said...

@ Les - thanks for that I was worried about the small platoon size. My partner has an even number of platoons so I need the same to make things workable, going to be playtesting over next few weeks so ill give your one a try. Although to be honest Id prefer 3 Panthers to 3 StuGs :)

@ Scott - ill see you at Panzershrek then mate. I had hoped to run Canadian armoured but am aiming at Call to Arms for them.

lap1964 said...

Although to be honest I'd prefer 3 Panthers to 3 StuGs :)
Wouldn't most peoples ? Without VDH though they will be an allied plt,also the StuGs are FV. Just a pity this list can't use the StuH 42(sad face).