May 8, 2013

No High Elf book so its back to Ogre Kingdoms

Was hoping to get a run at the new High Elves at my local club this week but that is not going to happen now. Even if the new book turns up at work tomorrow I won't have anytime to digest its contents.  In that case it will be at least a fortnight until I can give the new High Elves a run as I'm playing Flames of War next week.  So tomorrow night Ill be giving my Ogres another run against Brendans forces.  He's has been  playing Beastmen hardcore lately, even taking them to his first tournaments, but did express at Runefang VI that he might go back to his Bretonnians (he also has a nicely themed Orc army).
The Ogre Kingdoms list I plan on taking tomorrow is actually the one I was going to take to Runefang VI but put aside in favour of my Dwarfs.  It might still get a run at Horned Rat rather than the High Elves but we'll wait and see.

Ogres @ 2400pts

Slaughtermaster - 385pts
w. Level 4, Lore of Death, Fencers Blades, Glittering Scales, Crown of Command, Dragonbane Gem

Butcher - 185pts
w. Level 2, Lore of Great Maw, Hellheart

Bruiser - 164pts
w. Battle Standard, Sword of Might, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Lookout Gnoblar, Ironcurse Icon

9 x Ironguts - 432pts (yes this is going to be an Irongut/Character bus)
w. Full command, Banner of Eternal Flame, Lookout Gnoblar

8 x Ogre Bulls - 286pts
w. Full command, Ironfists

8 x Ogre Bulls - 286pts
w. Full command, Ironfists

4 x Leadbelchers - 182pts
w. Bellower
4 x Mournfang Cavalry - 310pts
w. Full command, Heavy Armour, Ironfists

Ironblaster - 170pts

TOTAL 2,400pts w. 6 drops.
 This is basically my Ogre army all done and dusted just missing a few more models that Ill try and squeeze into the budget (A Stonethorn, 2 more Mournfang, some Sabretusks and another Ironblaster) and order from the US before the next embargo kicks in (along with a few new High Elves as well of course - New Zealand prices are a @#$@!! rip off @ approximately double those in the US even taking exchange rates into account).  


gas_monkey82 said...

John you really need some chaff in that list mate.

John Murrie said...

I know but I dont have any of the models so cant field them - and while I have approx 20 Gnoblars I just dont like them.

Sabretusks will go in but only once I get the models until then its big block after big block, just like Dwarfs.

Gexton said...
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