May 24, 2013

Thoughts on 1st game with new High Elves

Well that didnt go at all well.  Up against Calebs Warriors of Chaos last night lead by a Daemon Prince and with 2 blocks of Knights and 2 of Juggernauts I got tabled so not very pretty.  In terms of the new book it wasn't a good start but did give me an insight into a couple of things and reinforce some others.  So how did the army perform?

The new 'High Magic'
To be honest I still struggle using magic properly and its not something I have every really used to best effect, probably the Dwarf in me rebelling against it.  The new lore is OK, Drain Magic helped remove regneneration on the Juggernauts a couple of times and the 2D6 S4 spell is not bad either.  Unfortunately after my L4 miscast in Turn 1 and lost 3 levels to a power drain I didn't really have anything left to play with.

The Good
- The lore attribute granting the increased WS
- Drain Magic

The Bad
- Lack of long range spells, they're all 18-24"
- No uber spells above S4, so while the lore is solid it lacks a Pit of Shades, Purple Sun, Final Transmute equivalent.
- Once you get into combat the majority of the lore becomes redundant

- Stick it on a Level 2 with a Scroll and Ring of Fury and use him to cast Drain Magic and buff WS.
- Its not the best lore for an Archmage with the Book.

The Book of Hoeth
Worked pretty well except in Turn 1 when I re-rolled one dice and miscast...

The Good
- Re-rolling 1 dice per cast and dispel attempt works wonders

The Bad
- None really

Don't use its ability if you already have a '6' sitting on the tabletop or you can kiss your caster goodbye.
- If a caster doesn't have it then that caster shouldn't try and 1 dice low level spells.

Banner of the World Dragon
Stuck it on the Dragon Prince bus because well it seemed like a good idea at the time.

The Good
- Essentially nerfed 1/2 of Calebs army making the DP all but immune to their attacks.

The Bad
- Wasted on the Dragon Princes as honestly once they get into combat they're useless.

- Better placed on a unit that hits harder e.g. White Lions or Swordmasters not S3 Dragon Princes

Special Rules - Martial Prowess etc

The Good
- Getting that extra rank of attacks is golden especially for White Lions.
- The +1 to cast helps but personally Id prefer the +1 to Dispel
- Dragon Armour 6+ WS is great when combined with the High Magic Lore attribute

The Bad
- No RE-ROLLS!!!!!!!!

- Martial prowess basically means having to adjust your unit sizes, smaller blocks of WL, SM etc and changes the frontage you would put on most units i.e I fielded the Dragon Princes 4x3

Sisters of Avelorn
Had to proxy Spears for them (AH HA got some on the table) but they're pretty damn good. They survived combat against and killed off a unit of Chaos Knights over 2 turns so in combat are OK - mind you Caleb kept rolling 1's for his AS.

The Good
- BS5 with magical flaming S4 bows that are AP vs. Forces of Destruction, thats all you need to know

The Bad
- Units cannot take Musicians and are only L8

- If you have something that is BS5 dont deploy it so they have a forest stuck right in front of them that gives your opponents soft-cover.
- Small units of 10 would work better, maybe with a character? 

Dragon Princes
The Good
- Are now M9
- Can attack with one extra rank
- 6+ WS

The Bad
Still suck balls in combat

- There is a reason I played an infantry based HE army because DP bite.  They're basically fast moving Spearmen with a 2+ AS.  Now that sounds great but for less than the cost of 1 x DP I can get 3 x Spears providing 1 extra attack and saving me some points.  But then again, like magic, I struggle to use cavalry properly.
- If you going to stick the uber-Dragon banner on them and make them a bus then they will only work if you put a HIGH STRENGTH character in with them because that character is the only thing that is going to kill anything after the first round of combat.
- Next time I'll give them the Banner of Swiftness (making them M10) and treat them like heavily armoured Eagles.

White Lions
The Good
- Attack in an extra rank
- I found out I'd been using the Standard of Discipline wrong all this time

The Bad
- Still T3 Elves with basically no AS

- Block of 30 is good but only with the Dragon Banner and a hard hitting character.
- Without the Dragon Banner Id field units of 10 and deploy them 3 wide to annoy the crap out of people.

Core Units - Archers/Reavers/Spears
The Good
- Reavers are still great
- Surprised how effective shooting can be.

The Bad
- Archers are still only S3 T3 and die very very easily
- I only have 10 Reaver models
- I need more Archer models

- Bring back the Spear horde
- Reavers are the way to go

Final Thoughts
Ok one game isn't enough to give me that great an indication of how the new book works the game was more useful for highlighting the defecencies in my generalship and for reinforcing my infantry based style.  But there are a lot of positives in this book and overall its nicely balanced.  I was up against a very tough WoC list and had I rolled higher on one particular pursuit roll the game would/could have gone very differently.

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