May 1, 2013

WHFB Tournament Report - Runefang VI Game 2

Blood or Glory vs. Daemons of Nurgle
First Turn - Yes
The Throng of Karak Thorinkin deploy - but wait somethings not quite right

Oh thats whats wrong theres a horde of Nurgle Daemons advancing toward me?!
One of those scenarios that tends to favour me as I usually take a lot of banners and traditionally Dwarves aren't that easy to break.  But this time I came up against the dreaded Sphinx table and a pestilence ridden horde of Nurgle Daemons led by Epidemius.  The dreaded Sphinx table is something that crops up at Wellington WHFB events and is dreaded - by Dwarfs - because of the presence of two very large, very solid, extremely impassable Sphinx statues that are typically found on it.  In this case those Sphinx were set up smack bang in the middle of the table meaning they acted like massive shields blocking LOS to any enemy approaching each long table edge.

LOS from my deployment area - it was worse than this as the Sphinx
The diagram above should help explain things a little bit - the black areas show those parts of the board that units positioned on the green dot would not be able to draw LOS to.  Now it wasn't all bad if I'd deployed to the left or right flank my pew pew lines would have been much larger, and the Grudgethrower can basically hit anything anywhere.  But then the table Gods played a cruel trick on me.  Not only did I get to deploy first they put a large hill in the middle of one side of the board.  So guess where my Dwarfs and their horde of pew pew machines were deployed... in the middle
Not sure what these guys are but the models are fantastic and Sams army looked amazing

So after castling in the middle and blocking LOS to most of the board for everything but my Grudgethrower I also scored the first turn.  But what happened next?

A Dragon bravely, and stupidely as it turns out, rushes forward challenging the Nurgle might all by himself.
A unit of horrible Daemon beasts accept the Slayers challenge and rush to meet him while the rest of their hideous brethern advance toward the Dwarven left flank save from the Cannons & Organ Guns behind those damn Sphinx
Turn 1 and nothing much happens except for the Slayers lone charge.  The Cannon & Grudgethrower start firing at the Daemon unit behind the beasts trying to whittle it down and the Quarrellers fire unsuccessfully at the flying Daemon bee type things.
The right flank is horribly empty after the Gyrocopter gets pew pewed and some of Sams custom built Daemon Bat things coming flying in
The big worry though is the approach of Epidemius, the Monstrous Wasp things and the big block of Daemons around the left flank.  Epidemius keeps chucking magic at people boosting himself and his army as Dwarfs die and keeps out of the Cannons LOS
And suddenly things go horribly wrong..... the Slayer dies and the Beasts overrun straight into the Hammerers.  Awesome I think 30 WS5 S6 attacks from the Hammerers and 3 WS6 S5 from the BSB - less any casualities - should see to these guys really easy.  Ummmm nope...

What happens next is round after round of plague infested combat in which only a single Chaos beast is killed while the Hammerers fall in droves.  Nurgle is kind to the Daemons buffing them relentlessly and making them pretty much unkillable death machines of Dwarven doom.
But you have to throw dice to win so the Warriors on the left in an effort to keep the Warmachines alive a little longer charge Epidemius and the Wasp monstors. Umm really not a good idea as Epidemius is basically unkillable and the Thunderstomps from the Wasps gut the Warrior unit.
The battlefield at the start of Turn 3 - most units locked in combat and only the Daemon horde to the rear has been weakened to any great extent.  I face a choice here reform the 2nd Warrior block to hit the Beasts fighting the Hammerers or charge the depleted Chaos unit to the front
Quarrellers prove to be the Heroes of the day.  Flanked charge by a single Daemon Beast they hold on until the end of Turn 6 bravely defying death.
The remaining Slayer sacrifices himself to keep the Warmachines alive - but its a wasted effort.  When the Warriors opted to charge the Chaos Daemons by the Sphinx they removed the last shooting target.  In hindsight they should have reformed to charge the Beasts and help out the Hammerers leaving the Warmachines to finish off the Daemons to my front.
Now things are coming to a head - the Slayers dead and the Nurgle Daemons are amongst the Warmachines.  To the front the Hammerers are down to 1/3 of their strength and still only one beast is dead in return.
The left flank Warriors are gone Epidemius just ate them alive - literally - and now he/she/it is munching through the Warmachines.  Meanwhile the brave little Quarrellers continue to hang on but now have the Monster Wasps approaching thei rear.
Its nearly over after 4 1/2 turns of combat the Hammerers finally kill another beast but there is only 1/30 of them left and the BSB and accompanying Runesmith are about to meet their demise.
The Hammerers are dead, without their stubborn resistance the BSB & Runesmith flee and are killed as the Beasts chase them down and smash into the Cannon.
Final position at the bottom of Turn 5/6 Epidemius has finished killing off the Organ Guns.  The Beasts and Nurglings are about to kill the Grudgethrower and the Quarrellers with only 2 of their number still alive are about to get monstered by the flying Wasps.

Once the Grudgethrower went, the Quarrellers soon followed and at the bottom of Turn 5/6 my entire army has been wiped off the board.  The cost to the Nurgle army - 2 Beasts, a bat thing, a dozen or so Daemon infantry and a bruised ego for the Daemon that took so long to kill the Quarrellers.  I was completely outplayed here.  Yes the Daemon army was a horrible match up for me and the terrain didnt help, but I screwed the pooch with my choice of deployment and made some really poor tactical decisions.

Final Result 
Dwarf VP 60
Daemon VP approx 3,500
Result 0-20 loss

Epidemius is happy he eat lots of Dwarfs
Despite getting absolutely tabled I really enjoyed this game.  Sam's a nice bloke, his army looked amazing, the Daemon rules seem like a lot of fun - although far too complex for me - and its not so bad being pantsed by a nice looking army.

You may have noticed that I have made some changes to the layout of the blog- basically trying to organise the numerous blogs and websites I read into something a bit more helpful.  Please bear with me it will take me a while to finish getting things done.


Runeflames said...

Great report, you got some really nice pictures of my Nurgle Daemons. A definite pleasure to play you John.

One note though: Epidemius was hiding in a unit, the big thing with a sword eating dwarfs all game was a Great Unclean One.

Hugh Dixon said...

I believe that is actually a Great Unclean One. Epidemius would have gone and hid behind one of the Sphinx to stop you killing him and getting rid of the bonus his tally provide Nurgle Deamons.

Sam said...

The model you keep referring to as Epidemius is actually the Great Unclean One. Epidemius is the scaredy cat that sits on his throne away from harm! Your army is looking really nice by the way.

John Murrie said...

Cheers for the feedback guys - my mistake just assumed that the big guy who was hacking me up was the character. Somehow that its less comforting knowing that it wasnt

@ Sam - if you the pictures I can email them to you, if you haven't downloaded them already ;)

Chaoswolf said...

Can drones Thunderstomp? Thought they were stompers only.

The Kiwi said...

That's a bit of a pounding for the poor Dwarves. Still though....nice looking Nurgle army.

Runeflames said...

Yeah send them to my email. Much quicker. Thanks john.

Herman van Kradenburg said...

Great post, like the photos.

Welcome to my world, getting eaten by Papa Nurgle. Only way to respond is to spawn your own Nurgle Army.

Epidemius makes the Army just about unkillable. Can see him being written out of tournaments soon...
Now, when there are 2 of them on the field of battle....

Runeflames said...

Wasps are only stompers, The GUO does the Stomping.