May 23, 2013

WIP High Elf Dragon Princes

Been painting these guys full-time last couple of nights hoping to get them done or close enough to it before I use the new High Elf army book for the first time.  Decided to abandon my plans for the green/blue scheme and stick to existing purple one but with one change.  By accident I found that the blue looks quite good IMO with the purple so have started adding that to all of the figures.

Painting has had to stop though as I have run out of White Paint (and neither of the two local hobby shops have any Citadel white left) so I can't do any highlighting or complete the final few layers.  Paint job isn't fantastic - my Dwarfs are still my best painted army - but its not bad. 


Thinking of giving the banner a decent hand-painted design that would be suitable as a Banner of the World Dragon so plan on sitting down with pen and pencil to sketch it out.  Unfortunately, as you can see from the photo, the tops of several of the lances are missing courtesy of the rather flimsy and delicate nature of the new models.  I have some old Silver Helm lances lying around so will get around to adding the tips later as a fix.


Runeflames said...

vallejo white is much better

Ben W said...

nice. looking good dude

John Murrie said...

Ta :)