May 3, 2013

Woohoo High Elf army book on the way

Took a break from marking to check my email and found the following lovely message from Games Workshop.

Dear John Murrie,

Thanks again for shopping with us. The order below has now been shipped. If your chosen shipping method included tracking, we’ll send you another email containing your tracking number and instructions for how to follow your shipment’s progress. Thanks once again for shopping with and we hope to see you return soon.

Item Number Description Quantity (Ordered) Price Subtotal
60220210004 Warhammer Battle Magic: High Elves
1  (1) $10.00 $10.00
60030210005 Warhammer: High Elves
1  (1) $98.00 $98.00

I have absolutely no idea how long GW takes to ship stuff but I am hoping like crazy that there will be a nice little package waiting for me at work on Monday. 

On another note I've started painting my unit of IoB Swordmasters in what will eventually be the new paint scheme for my High Elves.  So far it looks good but I seriously need to get some decent brushes and invest in more paints as my current stock of the old-GW range is running out and solidifying quite quickly..


Jeffrey Kent said...

Hey John, I find it usually takes 4-5 days for GW to arrive from OZ. Super keen on a game once you get the new book.

Scott said...

Happy for you John, always nice to know there's a new toy on the way!

John Murrie said...

4-5 days!!! 4-5 days!!! you mean I have to wait even longer...