May 7, 2013

Word Bearers Terminator Lord - WIP

No High Elf book in the mail at work today as the mailroom took 1/2 the day off.  So I had to console myself by doing some more painting on my Chaos Terminator Lord for my 30k Word Bearers Force.  This is actually my 3rd attempt at painting him after the first two turned out badly and I had to resort to stripping the model and starting over.  Which brings me to PAINTING TIP #341 - Write down the process you use when painting a figure so you can repeat it.

I say this because I forgot to write down how I painted my original FW MkIII Space/Chaos Marines and consequently have not been able to duplicate the look on the Lord.  3rd time lucky though as this time he's turned out well although he still doesnt look the same.

Still have some finishing touches to do e.g. Mithril Silver highlights on the metallic areas but he's otherwise done.

Once I finish the last little bits on this guy I have some IoB Swordmasters getting a new paint job in honor of the new army book.

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