June 28, 2013

Modified High Elf Tournament List @ 2400pts

Ah the dilemma of re-building a list post tournament.  Run through a large number of options including trying to fit the IoB Griffon into the list.  I think the model is fantastic but taking him means trying to slot a 300pt unit into your list somewhere - 300pts is approx. the minimum you'll have to spend to kit a Noble on a Griffon out and make him reasonably survivable. Id also like to get Alith Anar in there somewhere but again it means taking points out of the list. 

There are three more WHFB events that I plan on attending this year of which only one is the standard army size of 2400pts and Ill take High Elves to all 3, those events are:
  • Warfire - 1000pts Sept 14th
  • Skitterleap - 2400pts Oct 26/27th
  • Vermintide - 1200pts Nov 16th
There are a few more events around the country but none that I can make but I'm thinking Ill take the following to Skitterleap.

Archmage - 285pts
w. Level 4, Book of Hoeth, Lore of Shadow, Golden Crown

Dropped the 5+ WS and the Ironcurse and just gone with the 2+ vs. first wound which should be more than sufficient.  Keeping Lore of Shadow because it did work most of the time.  

Mage - 145pts
w. Level 2, Lore of Fire, Dispel Scroll

Lore of Fire now instead of High Magic principally for the Signature Spell which is a good option when your not in combat and you roll low on the Winds of Magic.  No Ring of Fury this time round though.

Noble - 149pts
w. BSB, Armour of Caledor, GW

14 x Archers - 150pts
w. Musician

13 x Archers - 140pts
w. Musician

13 x Archers - 140pts
w. Musician

5 x Reavers - 105pts
w. Musician, Spears & Bows

5 x Reavers - 105pts
w. Musician, Spears & Bows

Two units of Reavers instead of one both with bows.  Total of 50 shots vs. 46 in my list for Horned Rat.  Archer units are a bit smaller (had 16/16/14 at Horned Rat) but Reavers will help.

27 x White Lions - 431pts
w. Full Command, Banner of World Dragon

Only change is going from 24 to 27 bodies

14 x Phoenix Guard - 250pts
w. Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

Unit drops in size from 23 to 14 as I wanted points elsewhere.  BSB typically went into this unit at Horned Rat and they are largely there to survive.  Very hard for opponents to kill them if I keep them next to supporting units.

Eagle - 60pts
w. ASF

Eagle - 60pts
w. ASF

Adding ASF to both Eagles which will help in those early charges and make things nasty for some opponents, combined with the 2 units of Reavers I have some good redirecting stuff here.

RBT - 70pts

RBT - 70pts

Sacrificed one unit of Swordmasters for 2 of these which will be more useful me thinks.  This does take me from 2 large and 2 small combat blocks to 1 and 1 but additional shooting and Frostheart balance that out.

FrostHeart - 240pts

Dropping 2nd unit of Swordmasters and smaller P/Guard unit allow this to be included in the list.  Going with Frostheart because of T6 and its abilities in combat also provides a solid support unit.  With Reavers and Eagles I have a fast moving group of units for charging etc.

TOTAL - 2,400

12 drops in the list meaning I have a good chance of out deploying people but Ill lose the +1 on the roll for first turn.  Think it will work well and do wish I had taken it to Horned Rat.  Will make Skitterleap interesting especially if the new Lizard and Dark Elf books are out by then.

June 24, 2013

High Elf Tournament army list post-event unit review

An odd thing happened at Horned Gobbo this weekend not once during the entire weekend did I engage in the usual tournament ritual of re-writing my army list after every game and at the end of the each tournament day.  This time it took till the day after the tournament ended and the changes are relatively minor relating primarily to how particular units worked.  What is difficult to assess though is how well the list would have worked against some of the harder armies as I never had to test it against Skaven, WoC or DoC. 

Tournament List Unit by Unit review

Archmage  7/10
w. Level 4, Shadow Lore, Book of Hoeth, Talisman of Endurance, Ironcurse Icon

Talisman of Endurance and Ironcurse Icon were wasted points, although I never came up against an OnG list with the double Doom Diver/Rock Lobber combo where the Ironcurse might have helped.  Positioned in the White Lions the entire tournament their 2+ WS from the BoWD saved him several times when he miscast.  Overall, he worked well and the Book of Hoeth is a must have item - except approx. 50% of the time the re-roll never changed anything. 

Shadow Lore was ok would give it 5/10 as you do rely on getting the right spells.  Steed of Shadows is utterly useless and against High Elves I ended up with Pendulum and Pit of Shades which wasn't good.  But the lore worked well and I prefer it to Life which is my other L4 lore choice.   Mindrazor popped up in a number of crucial situations but I also miscast and power drained myself 3-4 times, and got sucked into the vortex after being cupped handed by a Slann.

Mage 4/10
w. Level 2, High Magic, Ring of Fury

High Magic quite frankly is not that great.  The spells are all short range 18" not ideal for a character whose role (in my list) is to act as a support unit in the rear of the army.  Drain Magic was a default spell in 3/5 games but never got used and I only had to pull out the Scroll twice.  Thinking of changing him to a Level 1 or 2 Fire Mage next time round.  With the Ring of Fury and Fireball he would be a fairly potent weapon and provide the direct damage spells not widely available through the Lore of Shadow.

BSB Noble 8/10
w. Armour of Caledor, GW

Did his job as always.  Killed some stuff, helped with the re-rolls and made a lot of armour saves - but also fluffed a few key roles.  Fielded with the Phoenix Guard most of the time which helped them but really needs a magical weapon or something that allows him re-rolls to hit problem is you can't get that and take AoC.  I could field him on a horse but then I would need to take a cavalry unit which I'm not that keen on.

Archers (2 units of 16 & 1 of 15) 9/10

Why did I never take a lot of these guys before?  I really really want to field a lot of Spears and am very keen on a horde of 50 or so.  But lots of shooting was great.  Only problems were an inability to deal with multiple units of skirmishers (Lizards) and lack of Strength vs. big enemy units - if only Mindrazor worked on shooting as well as close combat.

5 x Reavers 7/10
w. Musician, Spears

Worked well once I figured out how to use them properly.  But they need bows otherwise they just expensive Eagles.  Definately have their place and I see them as a necessary complement to Eagles as they offer a wider frontage for getting in peoples way.

24 x White Lions 6/10 or 9/10 
w. Full command, BoWD

6/10 when they couldn't get into combat as they were a unit that people wanted to avoid but most of the time they did that really well and they hardly got into combat.  9/10 when they got into combat as they made absolute mincemeat of everything and anything that they fought against.

Solution - should have gone with my gut and taken Alith Anar and the L4.  White Lions with Swiftstride would have really freaked people out.

23 x Phoenix Guard 7/10
w. Full command, Flaming Banner

Great unit for attacking buildings (esp. Watchtower) and for removing regeneration from people.  Worked really well the entire event but without other units in support they are very vulnerable.  Need a character with them (BSB) to provide that stronger attack.  Razor Standard is good but I prefer Flaming, personal choice.

10 x Swordmasters (2 units) 5/10
w. Musicians

After Phoenix Guard have always been my favourite unit but they just dont work anymore.  6+ WS vs. shooting is a nice bit of fluff but not very useful.  Prior to the new book small units of 7-14 worked wonders as their re-rolls enabled them to do a lot of wounds on average.  Without the re-rolls their damage potential is seriously reduced (White Lions are the same but they get the extra rank to make up for it and wound on 2's 95% of the time - SM don't).  The only time they really did anything was when a full Mindrazored unit charged 4 Mournfang and killed 3.  Thinking?  If your going to take them you have to take a large unit 20+ or run them in throwaway blocks of 5 and just feed them into chaff.

2 x Eagles 9/10

Eagles are just awesome.  What would make them a 10/10 unit giving them ASF and possibly shredding talons as well, but most definately ASF.

Overall, most units did what they were supposed to do but my list had some big holes missing in its arsenal and was hampered by a couple of units (SM &  L2) that really didn't contribute a lot.

Tomorrow what would I change?

June 23, 2013

Horned Gobbo Day 2 WHFB Tournie Report

Day 2 is done and Im home in front of the fire with time to reflect on another great WHFB event.  Day 2 was definately better results wise with a win and a close(ish) draw from two fun games.

Big surprise for me was winning the Arch Lector award for Best Sports.  Took me a while to register it as I was looking around for someone else called John.  2nd year in a row I've picked it up at Horned Rat/Gobbo and given that this years field  it was very nice to get - so thanks to those who voted for me.

In the end I finished 22nd so not quite the top of the bottom 1/3 of the field I was aiming for but better than I could have expected given the poor results on Day 1, and nearly my best result with High Elves.

Top Dog was once again Pete Dunn but he had some tough competition from Locky Reid (I think?) but full results haven't come through yet.  Thanks again to Pete for organising the event and the amazing amount of quality terrain on show nearly all of it his.  This included a large amount of obstacles (fences, hedges etc) on every table to makes things more interesting.

[Pictures are all huge so click on them for the full versions]

Game 4 vs. Ogres
Meeting Engagement (Had 1st Turn)
19-1 win

My opponent hadn't played much 8th, this was his 4th game apparently, and his results had been worse than mine so who knew what was going to happen in this game.  Meeting Engagement is the scenario I like the most as it allows you to get right up into peoples faces from the get go.
The Ogres had the normal Gut Star, Mournfang Bus and Slaughtermaster/Butcher combo but also fielded a unit of 30 Gnoblars and a Giant which you don't usually see.  He also had a unit of Leadbelchers who are seriously undervalued by people for some obscure reason.

Getting the first turn was lucky for me and I used it to get the Reavers and Eagles into positions to be annoying and diverted the Swordmasters to take care of the Mournfang and Giant, but kept them slightly out of average change range against both enemy units.  Shooting all went on the Leadbelchers who I got down to one model who promptly fled.  Pit of Shades went off on the Ironguts who lost several models and I opted to race the White Lions and Phoenix Guard straight ahead rather than hang back as originally planned (I had deployed 2nd so had positioned myself to minmise any Ogre charges, but luckily rolled a 6 to steal the first turn).
Ogre magic had little effect and the only combats came when some Sabretusks charged my Archers and the Mournfang went into an Eagle.  The latter was surprising as he could have avoided them although this would have required him to move into a wood.

Next few turns saw the White Lions and Phoenix Guard charge the Gut Star and Bulls killing the Bulls, and nearly wiping out the Ironguts who just managed to get away.  The Leadbelcher was killed by the remaining Eagle and one unit of Swordmasters opted to brave the forest to hit the Giant, the others retreated to avoid the Mournfang and draw them away from my combat blocks.  Archers also moved to get behind various obstacles giving them an advantage against any charging Monstrous units.

Final few turns saw the Giant go down and the Mournfang get charged by a Mindrazored unit of Swordmasters.

The Gnoblars wandered around looking pretty while the Phoenix guard chased down and killed off the remaining Ironguts and Ogre characters.  The only problem came when I miscast/IF Pit of Shades again killing my Archmage/General which is where I went from a 20-0 to 19-1.  But it was a fun game.

Game 5 vs. Vampire Counts
Battleline (Had 1st turn)
8-12 Loss

 A Black Knights bus with uber-VC Lord and another Vampire Hero, 2 Terrorghiests and the typical blocks of Zombies and Skeletons plus 3 Wraiths all setting out to make live horrible for me.  Tactically I probably played this game better than any this weekend especially with the Reavers who were just assumingly annoying the entire time.  Unfortunately playing well tactically didnt pan out points wise as I missed a couple of opportunities to kill off key units, and couldnt stop my White Lions getting re-directed everywhere except toward the Black Knights where I needed them.

Magic worked pretty well until the Archmage power drained himself (twice) down to Level 0 but it served its purpose offering some decent buffs in a couple of turns - nearly getting Mindrazor off on some Archers about to be charged by the Black Knights would have put the icing on the cake for the weekend. 
Deployment wise I was out done with all of the VC armies key points on my left while my two combat blocks were on the right.  The Archers had a handy hill and a large 3 Storey building to deploy in and shooting proved effective once again coming within a whisker of knocking off a Terrorghiest and taking out half the Black Knights.


One Eagle nearly killed a Wraith while the other redirecteed some Dire Wolves before dying as well. This left the Reavers all alone as redirectors and they did a good job, along with the Swordmasters, of staying in between the Terrorghiests and Black Knights and the Archers.  I needed that shooting to be effective long enough for my WL and PG  to rip around from my right and into the BK from the rear.

It was a close run thing with the Phoenix Guard taking out one lot of Zombies and a Wraith before getting bogged down with the Skeleton block.  The White Lions though got redirected by Dire Wolves and Bats, who they killed.

But I couldnt get them into the rear of the Black Knights who were being kept at bay by the SM, Reavers and Archers.  A Fungus Forest got in the way and then my opponent sacrificed a Terrorghiest to keep them further away.  It was good decision on his part but opting to overrun after I killed it wasnt a good one on mine.  It took my front arc 1" past the point where they could still see the rear of the Black Knights.  Without the WL the Black Knights and 2 Terrorghiests made short work on the Archers on the hill.

One more turn or one more inch was what it came down turn on my part, but I was out moved by more opponent who played extremely well (and was a nice guy too boot - played him last year as well and enjoyed that game a lot as well).  The result was a fair reflection of what happened and I really should have charged those damn Skeletons earlier and the remaining Wraith/Zombie unit as they were points there for the taking.

Overall Results
P5 W1 L4
Battle Points 34 - 67
Victory Points (approx) 4500 - 8500

June 22, 2013

Horned Gobbo Day 1 WHFB Tournie Report

Well not a good day, in fact my worst ever at a WHFB tournament event with 3 losses in 3 games including to absolute 0-20 thrashings.  Mind you this is my 13th WHFB tournament so maybe that has something to do with it?  But it is the first time I have ended Day 1 without a win. 

Game 1 vs. High Elves (Matthew Collett)
Dawn Attack (Had 1st turn)
Loss 7-13 

Up against a Silver Helm/Dragon Prince bus list.   I had the terrain on my side and a much better position after deployment.  But I went into the game with a preconcieved idea of what my opponent would do and failed to adapt my tactics after his tactics didnt match that idea.  I was expecting him to charge straight in so I sat back relying on shooting to whittle him down while getting the infantry set up for favourable charges. 


Matthew moved his units well essentially drawing me out and avoiding my two large combat blocks until late in the game.  I also made some very basic mistakes with my charge reactions, and movement choices.  This allowed him to pick off my other units one at a time.  Overall I was outplayed and ended up losing a game that I should have won, and would have I had been more aggressive.

Game 2 vs. Dwarfs (Tane Woodley)
Blood of Glory (Had 1st Turn)
Loss 0-20

Up against Tanes no deployment list.  His normal deployment consisted of an Anvil, 2 x Cannons, a Dragon Slayer and a Gyrocopter.  As scouts he had a horde of Warrior Rangers and a big block of Longbeard Rangers with Throwing Axes led by Josef Bugman.  3 Units of Miners topped things off.


Once again I got outplayed worrying too much about his Miners and deploying/moving half my army to take care of them.  What I should is push straight ahead and get as far away from the table edge as possible neutering his Miners, and bunched up my units in corner limiting his options for deploying the Rangers to get favourable chargers.  As a Dwarf player I should have figured this out but didnt.
The Anvil also proved to be freaking horrible.  I didnt get a single spell off the entire game while Tane kept Anvil charging me every turn and munching through my units 1 x 1.  He broke me in Turn 4 but I nearly turned it around in Turn 6 when I got the White Lions into combat with Bugmans block of 30+ Longbeards (their damn Throwing Axes were sniping me all game).  Got it down to 5 models and Bugmen and his BSB down to 1 wound each but just couldnt finish it off after fluffing my last few dice rolls.

A solid well deserved win to Tane and a solid pantsing to me.

Game 3 vs. Lizardmen (Bo Patterson)
WatchTower (Opponent had 1st Turn)
Loss 0-20

What can I say everything went wrong, the Engine of the Gods and a tricked up Slann are just horrible and I couldnt do anything against his numerous Skink units and 2 units of Salamanders.  In Turn 2 his Slann miscast and bounced a Double 1 result onto my Archmage which saw him sucked down into a vortex.  After that I only had Drain Magic and Arcane Unforging on my Level 2 plus his Bound Spell.  But against an Engine and a Slann it wasnt really enough.


Still I got the White Lions and both mages into the Watchtower and the Archers shot down one lot of Salamanders.  But the Engine of the Gods kept killing everything around itself and I couldnt dispel any of Bos magic which saw his units continually buffed by the Lore of Light.  At the end of Turn 4 I only had the White Lions and my Level 2 (my BSB got stomped by the Engine of the Gods) and needed a 6 on 1D6 to end the game and at least earn a few points.  But I rolled 5.  White Lions held on for another turn and I needed a 5 to end the game.  I rolled a 4.  Turn 6 came around and Bo finished off the White Lions tabling me and only losing one lot of Salamanders in the process.


An enjoyable game as he is a nice bloke but AHHHH what a horrible day....

On a side night I did manage to pick up a couple of nicely painted 40k Rhinos off Sam Whitt for $30 - they're actually smaller than I thought they would be which is pleasing.  Will have to repaint them Red to fit my Word Bearers of course.

Roll on Day 2....

June 19, 2013

Painting an interchangable Flamespyre/Frostheart Phoenix

One of the major dilemmas for High Elf players is whether to model and paint the new Phoenix as either the Flame or Frost version.  There are a number of discussions on Ulthuan with various posters arguing for (a) buying two models and painting one of each or (b) using magnets/pins to make the wings interchangeable.

While I wouldnt mind having one of each model cost wise Its a bit prohibitive so I've been looking at an alternative that would allow me to use the same model as either a Frostheart or Flamespyre Phoenix.

The solution...

Paint it with Blue/Orange Flames similar to the pictures below.


If I can get this right then I don't see any issue with fielding a single model as either the Frost or Flame version.  Blue Flames are still Flames and in fact are (for some scientific reason) actually hotter than orange/red ones.  Going to start it this week with the aim of getting it ready for Skitterleap in October (or possibly Warpfire in September)