June 1, 2013

DIY Loremaster of Hoeth complete

Finished this guy during the week just in time for him and my High Elves to get tabled by Jeffs Skink horde an army that is quite frankly almost impossible to get into combat.  I did pick up some valuable tactical pointers from Jeff after the game though, but unfortunately the match up didnt really give me a good chance to examine the new High Elves in any real depth.


However I did pick up a few more things about the new High Elf book and things work.

Phoenix Guard
Are as good as ever but unless you get them into combat are quite frankly useless, like everybody else.

Worth every point and I needed 3 units not 2

Have to stop putting them out on the flanks and leave them close in so I can trigger my charges better.  Plus I prefer Reavers for the Vanguard ability.

White Lions
Like the PG are good but only if they get into combat, which in this game they didn't

Banner of the World Dragon on unit with a Noble in it
Proved an extremely good combo when your facing an enemy character with a magical weapon, as long as you don't fluff your rolls to hit and wound that is.  Took 3 turns to kill a freaking Scar Vet.

Silver Helms
Would work better if I knew how to deploy properly. But M9 is golden.

Flamespyre Phoenix
Never got into combat as I concentrated too much on trying to position him to fly over people.  Better off using him like a giant Eagle (they're actually the same toughness which is somewhat crazy and you'd also think that something that is basically on fire would also be immune to poison) but an Eagle you want to get into combat. 

Loremaster vs. Level 4
The ability to take all of the Signature spells is great but honestly it just confused the hell out of ime and I had absolutely no idea which spells to use - Caleb suggested later that I just Fireball every turn.  Plus if you're going to run the LM then you have to give him a decent AS/WS or he is going to die.  As for whether he is better than an AM its hard to say but you will definately miss the Archmage when you attempting to dispel enemy magic.  An extra +2 to dispel may not seem like a lot but it can make all the difference.


Sam said...

Really nice conversion John. How much do you thin your paints when painting? I have been using a wet pallet recently, and it has increased my painting quality by at least 20%. Could be an option. Yeah that skink cloud is horrendous.

John Murrie said...

Thanks Sam - I just dip the brush in some water till its wet and then into the paint. Sometimes its really wet sometimes just a little bit.

Tried to make a wet pallet a while ago but couldnt get it figured out. I understand the need to use multiple thinned down layers for each coat but im too impatient to do that sort of thing.

I'm only just getting into modifying the colours to get lighter shades and only figured out how to drybrush properly a couple of months back.