June 24, 2013

High Elf Tournament army list post-event unit review

An odd thing happened at Horned Gobbo this weekend not once during the entire weekend did I engage in the usual tournament ritual of re-writing my army list after every game and at the end of the each tournament day.  This time it took till the day after the tournament ended and the changes are relatively minor relating primarily to how particular units worked.  What is difficult to assess though is how well the list would have worked against some of the harder armies as I never had to test it against Skaven, WoC or DoC. 

Tournament List Unit by Unit review

Archmage  7/10
w. Level 4, Shadow Lore, Book of Hoeth, Talisman of Endurance, Ironcurse Icon

Talisman of Endurance and Ironcurse Icon were wasted points, although I never came up against an OnG list with the double Doom Diver/Rock Lobber combo where the Ironcurse might have helped.  Positioned in the White Lions the entire tournament their 2+ WS from the BoWD saved him several times when he miscast.  Overall, he worked well and the Book of Hoeth is a must have item - except approx. 50% of the time the re-roll never changed anything. 

Shadow Lore was ok would give it 5/10 as you do rely on getting the right spells.  Steed of Shadows is utterly useless and against High Elves I ended up with Pendulum and Pit of Shades which wasn't good.  But the lore worked well and I prefer it to Life which is my other L4 lore choice.   Mindrazor popped up in a number of crucial situations but I also miscast and power drained myself 3-4 times, and got sucked into the vortex after being cupped handed by a Slann.

Mage 4/10
w. Level 2, High Magic, Ring of Fury

High Magic quite frankly is not that great.  The spells are all short range 18" not ideal for a character whose role (in my list) is to act as a support unit in the rear of the army.  Drain Magic was a default spell in 3/5 games but never got used and I only had to pull out the Scroll twice.  Thinking of changing him to a Level 1 or 2 Fire Mage next time round.  With the Ring of Fury and Fireball he would be a fairly potent weapon and provide the direct damage spells not widely available through the Lore of Shadow.

BSB Noble 8/10
w. Armour of Caledor, GW

Did his job as always.  Killed some stuff, helped with the re-rolls and made a lot of armour saves - but also fluffed a few key roles.  Fielded with the Phoenix Guard most of the time which helped them but really needs a magical weapon or something that allows him re-rolls to hit problem is you can't get that and take AoC.  I could field him on a horse but then I would need to take a cavalry unit which I'm not that keen on.

Archers (2 units of 16 & 1 of 15) 9/10

Why did I never take a lot of these guys before?  I really really want to field a lot of Spears and am very keen on a horde of 50 or so.  But lots of shooting was great.  Only problems were an inability to deal with multiple units of skirmishers (Lizards) and lack of Strength vs. big enemy units - if only Mindrazor worked on shooting as well as close combat.

5 x Reavers 7/10
w. Musician, Spears

Worked well once I figured out how to use them properly.  But they need bows otherwise they just expensive Eagles.  Definately have their place and I see them as a necessary complement to Eagles as they offer a wider frontage for getting in peoples way.

24 x White Lions 6/10 or 9/10 
w. Full command, BoWD

6/10 when they couldn't get into combat as they were a unit that people wanted to avoid but most of the time they did that really well and they hardly got into combat.  9/10 when they got into combat as they made absolute mincemeat of everything and anything that they fought against.

Solution - should have gone with my gut and taken Alith Anar and the L4.  White Lions with Swiftstride would have really freaked people out.

23 x Phoenix Guard 7/10
w. Full command, Flaming Banner

Great unit for attacking buildings (esp. Watchtower) and for removing regeneration from people.  Worked really well the entire event but without other units in support they are very vulnerable.  Need a character with them (BSB) to provide that stronger attack.  Razor Standard is good but I prefer Flaming, personal choice.

10 x Swordmasters (2 units) 5/10
w. Musicians

After Phoenix Guard have always been my favourite unit but they just dont work anymore.  6+ WS vs. shooting is a nice bit of fluff but not very useful.  Prior to the new book small units of 7-14 worked wonders as their re-rolls enabled them to do a lot of wounds on average.  Without the re-rolls their damage potential is seriously reduced (White Lions are the same but they get the extra rank to make up for it and wound on 2's 95% of the time - SM don't).  The only time they really did anything was when a full Mindrazored unit charged 4 Mournfang and killed 3.  Thinking?  If your going to take them you have to take a large unit 20+ or run them in throwaway blocks of 5 and just feed them into chaff.

2 x Eagles 9/10

Eagles are just awesome.  What would make them a 10/10 unit giving them ASF and possibly shredding talons as well, but most definately ASF.

Overall, most units did what they were supposed to do but my list had some big holes missing in its arsenal and was hampered by a couple of units (SM &  L2) that really didn't contribute a lot.

Tomorrow what would I change?

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