June 8, 2013

High Elf Tournament list submitted & first practice review

After Thursday nights game I decided to submit the list I used that night for next weekends WHFB tournament Horned Gobbo.  Up against Jeffs Orcs n Goblins it went pretty well albiet with a fair bit of luck on my side, and more importantly suited my play style down to a tee.

The only change I have made to the tournament list is the addition of the Ironcurse Icon on the Archmage.  I had 5pts spare and it will help out the White Lions a little bit.  So how did the list go?  It was up against
- 5 OnG characters
- Savage Orc Horde
- Night Goblin Horde w. 3 Fanatics.
- 2 Manglers
- 2 Doom Divers
- 2 Rock Lobbers
- 2 Chariots
- 8 River Trolls

The Savage Orc horde was damn scary but Jeff kept it stationary as he moved his Chariots up and relied on his shooting and magic to do the early damage.  Playing Dawn Attack I got lucky with the majority of my army deployed in the centre.  The 2 units of Swordmasters got stuck out on the right though with hardly anything in front of them. 

Archmage - 310pts w. Level 4, Shadow, Book of Hoeth, Talisman of Endurance, Ironcurse Icon

Went well although Shadow magic does become less useful if your units are not in combat and your spell rolls don't get you Pit of Shades.  Put him with the White Lions and the BoWD which proved its worth when he miscast Enfeebling Foe the 2+WS a definate plus.  The Book of Hoeth worked well but I kept forgetting I could use it when dispelling. 

Mage - 170pts
w. Level 2, High Magic, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Fury

Made the biggest difference in the game when he 6 diced the new Flames of the Phoenix Spell (whose new name I forget) and got it off on the Savage Orc horde which had ALL of Jeffs characters in it.  The result?  19 dead Savage Orcs and a wounded Shaman.   This spell is simple amazing the best bit is that its base casting value is 19+ meaning that your opponent to get rid of it (as its a R.I.P) might have to forgoe his own magic phase or risk losing more troops.  In Jeffs next turn he opted to dispel the RIP rather than cast anything and couldn't make the 19 - cue another 8-10 dead Orcs. 

Noble - 149pts
w. BSB, Armour of Caledor, GW 

Managed to chop up some Trolls but thats about it.   

16 x Archers - 180pts w. Musician, Standard Bearer
16 x Archers - 170pts
w. Musician
15 x Archers - 160pts
w. Musician

I think my dice love me when I'm rolling for theses guys as they hardly missed and were cutting down OnG models left right and centre.  47 shots per turn at BS4 is just assume especially when Shadow Magic is reducing your opponents to T1/T2.   

5 x Reavers - 90pts
w. Musician, Spears (no Bows)

Useful in that they deflected 1 turn of OnG shooting away from my combat units, but thats about it. 

23 x Phoenix Guard - 385pts w. Full command, Banner of Eternal Flame

Got munched when the Night Goblins and remaining Savage Orcs charged them simultaneously.  Had a 3+ WS for most of the game due to the High Magic lore attribute.  Really do need the Razor Standard but I cant fit the points in. 

25 x White Lions - 405pts
w. Full command, Banner of the World Dragon

Only the one combat vs. 8 River Trolls who they quickly butchered before wandering around aimlessly for the rest of the match.    Still a solid unit. 

10 x Swordmasters - 140pts
w. Musician 

10 x Swordmasters - 140pts
w. Musician 

Eagle - 50pts

Eagle - 50pts

Eagles do as Eagles do and did it well but often served to deflect enemy shooting away from my combat units.  Swordmasters are solid but I MISS RE-ROLLS and the random Dawn Attack deployment meant they spent several turns moving and getting shot at before they could charge anything.

Overall, the list worked well and I believe the game was a draw with Jeff approx. 100pts up on me.  Having one last practice with the list next week against Calebs Warriors or Chaos list (the same one he is bringing to Panzershrek) and then its down to Wellington for Horned Rat.

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Simon Switzer said...

Nice work John, good to see you doing well with the Elves.

So I guess me and you both are leaving the Dwarfs at home, or where ever they piss off to when we leave them in the boxes. Probably the pub. :P