June 22, 2013

Horned Gobbo Day 1 WHFB Tournie Report

Well not a good day, in fact my worst ever at a WHFB tournament event with 3 losses in 3 games including to absolute 0-20 thrashings.  Mind you this is my 13th WHFB tournament so maybe that has something to do with it?  But it is the first time I have ended Day 1 without a win. 

Game 1 vs. High Elves (Matthew Collett)
Dawn Attack (Had 1st turn)
Loss 7-13 

Up against a Silver Helm/Dragon Prince bus list.   I had the terrain on my side and a much better position after deployment.  But I went into the game with a preconcieved idea of what my opponent would do and failed to adapt my tactics after his tactics didnt match that idea.  I was expecting him to charge straight in so I sat back relying on shooting to whittle him down while getting the infantry set up for favourable charges. 


Matthew moved his units well essentially drawing me out and avoiding my two large combat blocks until late in the game.  I also made some very basic mistakes with my charge reactions, and movement choices.  This allowed him to pick off my other units one at a time.  Overall I was outplayed and ended up losing a game that I should have won, and would have I had been more aggressive.

Game 2 vs. Dwarfs (Tane Woodley)
Blood of Glory (Had 1st Turn)
Loss 0-20

Up against Tanes no deployment list.  His normal deployment consisted of an Anvil, 2 x Cannons, a Dragon Slayer and a Gyrocopter.  As scouts he had a horde of Warrior Rangers and a big block of Longbeard Rangers with Throwing Axes led by Josef Bugman.  3 Units of Miners topped things off.


Once again I got outplayed worrying too much about his Miners and deploying/moving half my army to take care of them.  What I should is push straight ahead and get as far away from the table edge as possible neutering his Miners, and bunched up my units in corner limiting his options for deploying the Rangers to get favourable chargers.  As a Dwarf player I should have figured this out but didnt.
The Anvil also proved to be freaking horrible.  I didnt get a single spell off the entire game while Tane kept Anvil charging me every turn and munching through my units 1 x 1.  He broke me in Turn 4 but I nearly turned it around in Turn 6 when I got the White Lions into combat with Bugmans block of 30+ Longbeards (their damn Throwing Axes were sniping me all game).  Got it down to 5 models and Bugmen and his BSB down to 1 wound each but just couldnt finish it off after fluffing my last few dice rolls.

A solid well deserved win to Tane and a solid pantsing to me.

Game 3 vs. Lizardmen (Bo Patterson)
WatchTower (Opponent had 1st Turn)
Loss 0-20

What can I say everything went wrong, the Engine of the Gods and a tricked up Slann are just horrible and I couldnt do anything against his numerous Skink units and 2 units of Salamanders.  In Turn 2 his Slann miscast and bounced a Double 1 result onto my Archmage which saw him sucked down into a vortex.  After that I only had Drain Magic and Arcane Unforging on my Level 2 plus his Bound Spell.  But against an Engine and a Slann it wasnt really enough.


Still I got the White Lions and both mages into the Watchtower and the Archers shot down one lot of Salamanders.  But the Engine of the Gods kept killing everything around itself and I couldnt dispel any of Bos magic which saw his units continually buffed by the Lore of Light.  At the end of Turn 4 I only had the White Lions and my Level 2 (my BSB got stomped by the Engine of the Gods) and needed a 6 on 1D6 to end the game and at least earn a few points.  But I rolled 5.  White Lions held on for another turn and I needed a 5 to end the game.  I rolled a 4.  Turn 6 came around and Bo finished off the White Lions tabling me and only losing one lot of Salamanders in the process.


An enjoyable game as he is a nice bloke but AHHHH what a horrible day....

On a side night I did manage to pick up a couple of nicely painted 40k Rhinos off Sam Whitt for $30 - they're actually smaller than I thought they would be which is pleasing.  Will have to repaint them Red to fit my Word Bearers of course.

Roll on Day 2....

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