June 23, 2013

Horned Gobbo Day 2 WHFB Tournie Report

Day 2 is done and Im home in front of the fire with time to reflect on another great WHFB event.  Day 2 was definately better results wise with a win and a close(ish) draw from two fun games.

Big surprise for me was winning the Arch Lector award for Best Sports.  Took me a while to register it as I was looking around for someone else called John.  2nd year in a row I've picked it up at Horned Rat/Gobbo and given that this years field  it was very nice to get - so thanks to those who voted for me.

In the end I finished 22nd so not quite the top of the bottom 1/3 of the field I was aiming for but better than I could have expected given the poor results on Day 1, and nearly my best result with High Elves.

Top Dog was once again Pete Dunn but he had some tough competition from Locky Reid (I think?) but full results haven't come through yet.  Thanks again to Pete for organising the event and the amazing amount of quality terrain on show nearly all of it his.  This included a large amount of obstacles (fences, hedges etc) on every table to makes things more interesting.

[Pictures are all huge so click on them for the full versions]

Game 4 vs. Ogres
Meeting Engagement (Had 1st Turn)
19-1 win

My opponent hadn't played much 8th, this was his 4th game apparently, and his results had been worse than mine so who knew what was going to happen in this game.  Meeting Engagement is the scenario I like the most as it allows you to get right up into peoples faces from the get go.
The Ogres had the normal Gut Star, Mournfang Bus and Slaughtermaster/Butcher combo but also fielded a unit of 30 Gnoblars and a Giant which you don't usually see.  He also had a unit of Leadbelchers who are seriously undervalued by people for some obscure reason.

Getting the first turn was lucky for me and I used it to get the Reavers and Eagles into positions to be annoying and diverted the Swordmasters to take care of the Mournfang and Giant, but kept them slightly out of average change range against both enemy units.  Shooting all went on the Leadbelchers who I got down to one model who promptly fled.  Pit of Shades went off on the Ironguts who lost several models and I opted to race the White Lions and Phoenix Guard straight ahead rather than hang back as originally planned (I had deployed 2nd so had positioned myself to minmise any Ogre charges, but luckily rolled a 6 to steal the first turn).
Ogre magic had little effect and the only combats came when some Sabretusks charged my Archers and the Mournfang went into an Eagle.  The latter was surprising as he could have avoided them although this would have required him to move into a wood.

Next few turns saw the White Lions and Phoenix Guard charge the Gut Star and Bulls killing the Bulls, and nearly wiping out the Ironguts who just managed to get away.  The Leadbelcher was killed by the remaining Eagle and one unit of Swordmasters opted to brave the forest to hit the Giant, the others retreated to avoid the Mournfang and draw them away from my combat blocks.  Archers also moved to get behind various obstacles giving them an advantage against any charging Monstrous units.

Final few turns saw the Giant go down and the Mournfang get charged by a Mindrazored unit of Swordmasters.

The Gnoblars wandered around looking pretty while the Phoenix guard chased down and killed off the remaining Ironguts and Ogre characters.  The only problem came when I miscast/IF Pit of Shades again killing my Archmage/General which is where I went from a 20-0 to 19-1.  But it was a fun game.

Game 5 vs. Vampire Counts
Battleline (Had 1st turn)
8-12 Loss

 A Black Knights bus with uber-VC Lord and another Vampire Hero, 2 Terrorghiests and the typical blocks of Zombies and Skeletons plus 3 Wraiths all setting out to make live horrible for me.  Tactically I probably played this game better than any this weekend especially with the Reavers who were just assumingly annoying the entire time.  Unfortunately playing well tactically didnt pan out points wise as I missed a couple of opportunities to kill off key units, and couldnt stop my White Lions getting re-directed everywhere except toward the Black Knights where I needed them.

Magic worked pretty well until the Archmage power drained himself (twice) down to Level 0 but it served its purpose offering some decent buffs in a couple of turns - nearly getting Mindrazor off on some Archers about to be charged by the Black Knights would have put the icing on the cake for the weekend. 
Deployment wise I was out done with all of the VC armies key points on my left while my two combat blocks were on the right.  The Archers had a handy hill and a large 3 Storey building to deploy in and shooting proved effective once again coming within a whisker of knocking off a Terrorghiest and taking out half the Black Knights.


One Eagle nearly killed a Wraith while the other redirecteed some Dire Wolves before dying as well. This left the Reavers all alone as redirectors and they did a good job, along with the Swordmasters, of staying in between the Terrorghiests and Black Knights and the Archers.  I needed that shooting to be effective long enough for my WL and PG  to rip around from my right and into the BK from the rear.

It was a close run thing with the Phoenix Guard taking out one lot of Zombies and a Wraith before getting bogged down with the Skeleton block.  The White Lions though got redirected by Dire Wolves and Bats, who they killed.

But I couldnt get them into the rear of the Black Knights who were being kept at bay by the SM, Reavers and Archers.  A Fungus Forest got in the way and then my opponent sacrificed a Terrorghiest to keep them further away.  It was good decision on his part but opting to overrun after I killed it wasnt a good one on mine.  It took my front arc 1" past the point where they could still see the rear of the Black Knights.  Without the WL the Black Knights and 2 Terrorghiests made short work on the Archers on the hill.

One more turn or one more inch was what it came down turn on my part, but I was out moved by more opponent who played extremely well (and was a nice guy too boot - played him last year as well and enjoyed that game a lot as well).  The result was a fair reflection of what happened and I really should have charged those damn Skeletons earlier and the remaining Wraith/Zombie unit as they were points there for the taking.

Overall Results
P5 W1 L4
Battle Points 34 - 67
Victory Points (approx) 4500 - 8500

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