June 16, 2013

Latest FOW lessons from the front & FOW news

Version 3 of FOW has been out for a while now and Battlefront have finally released an update version of the games FAQ or "Lessons from the Front" I gave it good read through last night and wasn't surprised by most of what was included.  As a predominantly German player most of the lessons in there don't apply to me, although the clarifications of the armoured assault rules were interesting. 

One rule that did stand out though related to one of my favourite units the Panzerfaust Trap Teams from Bridge by Bridge/Hells Highway.  This stated that:

Where can Panzerfaust Trap Teams be placed using the Panzerfaust Ambush rules?  It says they can be in any terrain feature.  Does this allow them to be placed on roads or hills, or behind walls?

Now up until now I had interpreted this rule pretty literally and only deployed my PF Trap Teams in forests, buildings or cropfields taking the statement "placed in" as meaning the terrain feature had to be an area one.

But the response to that question in the new Lessons from the Front changes that completely, stating that:

Terrain features are basically things placed on the table, as opposed to the basic table, so yes, you can place them on roads and hills. It also makes sense to place them behind walls and other linear obstacles since they can't actually be on them.

To me this is a HUGE ruling as it dramatically increases my deployment options for PF Trap Teams and makes them even more useful than they were previously.  As I was planning on taking Fallschirmjager to Call to Arms PF Trap Teams may make another appearance.

In other FOW news the team at Battlefront have also started up their own blog which looks like it will be a great read, check it out at:

First practice game for my next FOW tournament this Thursday as well the Panzershrek 2200pts Doubles Event.  Jeremy and I are taking a Shits and Giggles list and not worrying about how *ahem* good it is but opting for a bit of fun.  Our respective 1/2's of the company are:

2 x Panther G
3 x Panther G
3 x Panther G

1 x PzIVJ
4 x PzIVJ
3 x PzIVJ
3 x SdKfz 10/9 2cm AA
6 x 15cm Nebelwerfer

Gives me a chance to use my PSC PzIV's and will result in some extremely fast games, leaving time to watch the WHFB competition thats on at the same time.


Scott said...

Thanks for the heads up on both of these...

lap1964 said...

Hi John,
You best read the errata to the HQ Gun team attachment rules. This will effect the FJ HQ GW42s.As for the list,is there away to get a recce plt in there ?

Scott said...

Hmm, one thing I spotted my for Germans, crash action for man packed gun teams... HMGs jumping out of halftracks and firing at full effect... could be useful with my GPGs...

John Murrie said...

@lap - I shall do that, ta and nope couldnt fit recon in. Going to chicken out and change the list now anyway me thinks

@Scott - nice rule, I skipped over it as I dont tend to take PzGrenadiers just FJ or Panzers. Need to broaden my horizons a bit I think