July 10, 2013

FOW Panzershrek Doubles Army List

My local clubs annual FOW doubles event is on next weekend 20th/21st July and once again Jeremy and I are setting out to do battle.  From memory Panzershrek is the longest running FOW event in New Zealand and generally attracts a solid field of around 16-18 teams. 
My Plastic Soldier Company PzIV's

This will be the 3rd Panzershrek event we've teamed up for and we are going with a 'S!!!'s and Giggles' list which will either work wonders or go horribly wrong.  At 1100pts per player, 2200 for the team and the ability to swap upto 200pts between team mates there are a lot of options.  But we wanted to go with something fun and are taking the following.

Team Wooden Spoon
Company 1 - Fuhrer Begliet Panzer Company (Me)
CHQ - 1 x PzIVJ
Panzer Platoon - 4 x PzIVJ
Panzer Platoon - 4 x PzIVJ
Volks Rocket Launcher - 6 x NW41
AA Platoon - 3 x SdKfz 10/5 2cm

TOTAL 1,050pts

Company #2 - Eastern Front Panzers (Jeremy)
CHQ - 2 x Panther
Panzer Platoon - 3 x Panther
Panzer Platoon - 3 x Panther

TOTAL 1,150pts

With most scenarios using the reserves rule we are going to have 3 platoons on the table at the start of most games, and will be attacking pretty much every time.  Depending on what we're facing we anticipate that our starting forces will be 5 x Panthers, 5 x PzIV's and the Nebs (or AA if enemy has Air).  6 lots of rockets means re-rolling to hit and a HUGE smoke template which will help.  Just have to watch out for the new 6/17pdr AT from the updated British/Canadian lists.

My guys are all Confident Veterans except for the Volks Rockets who are Reluctant Trained.  Jeremys are unfortunately all Reluctant Trained but Panthers are still Panthers. I was looking at taking a the KG Hummel list for Bridge by Bridge for 1050pts you can squeeze in 6 Tiger's plus a small Recon platoon.  But they're Reluctant Trained and don't get Tiger Ace Skills. That and its about time I used my PSC PzIVs for something.

This year there is also a WHFB event on at the same venue run by club mate Jeffrey Kent.  Its unusual it that its using the Swedish Comp system and has attracted a very strong field.  Going to be a great weekend.


Scott said...

I like your team name ;-)

Lots of armour! I am guessing the p4s will be doing the grunty work while the Panthers stay at range sniping?

Could well be an interesting game between us if our teams go head to head...

Danisnotatree said...

Just discovered your blog - having just started FOW (and a blog of our own), I'm keen to see how you and others fare at Call to Arms. Feels a bit soon for us to enter, but I have built up a similar FJ army to yours (without the tanks - which I am working on).

John Murrie said...

From my experience FOW events in NZ tend to be pretty evenly balanced with a good range of armies coming out on top.

FJ are excellent but you have to make compromises when it comes to your overall mix. The fact that v3 almost makes the inclusion of AA a mandatory requirement (due to new ranging in rules for aircraft) takes away one option for you.

You also have to cope with having fewer bodies on the board than anybody else - unless you take the FT option in Bridge by Bridge.

Jumping straight into a tournaments actually the best way to learn the game you should give it a go - theres a 650pt event coming up in August (weekend after CTA) that would be a good intro.