July 2, 2013

FRACAS 2013 - Flames of War small army tournament

One of my favourite tournament events in the last couple of years has been FRACAS a 600-650pt single day FOW event.  In 2011 it was run as a Mid-War event and I took Fallschirmjager while last year it became an Early-War event to which I took Grenadiers.

5 games over 1 day in a very fast format at an event thats always a lot of fun particularly as you play the games on 1/2 sized boards meaning you are very in much in each-others face from the get go.

There are usually few restrictions on what you can take only things like Top Armour 2 tanks and Air power have been restricted in the past.  More importantly you only have to take 1 combat platoon which makes then easier.  This years event returns to Wanganui and is now Late-War but themed (which seems to be a new trend in FOW gaming) around the Battle of the Bulge.  This restricts lists to those drawn from:
  • Nuts
  • Devils Charge
  • Fuhrerbegleit & Fuhrergrenadier Brigade (PDF).
As I'm already taking PzIV's from the Furhrer Brigade PDFs to Panzershrek in 3 weeks time I've opted to go down the same route for FRACAS and take the following 650pt list:

Fuhrer PanzerKompanie (Begleit)

CHQ - 1 x PzIVJ
Panzer Platoon - 3 x PzIVJ
Grenadier Platoon - PF/Rifle/MG + 6 PF/Rifle/MG + Light mortar
Volks Rocket Launcher - 3 x 15cm NW41
AA Platoon - 2 x Sd Kfz 10/5 2cm

The company is CV except for the Rockets and Grenadiers who are RT.  Thats not ideal but good enough for this format.  Having them as PF/Rifle/MG teams means they are going to be horrible for enemy armour AT12 vs. their side armour in defensive fire.  The scenarios are 2 x Pincer and 3 x FfA so I 3 games at least without any reserves (not sure about Pincers rules).

Will struggle against anything with FA10+ but anyone who takes that is only going to have 2 tanks in their army and nothing else.  

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lap1964 said...

The Panzers to the Meuse pdf has been added to the list of forces you can use.