July 3, 2013

Interchangeable Frostheart/Flamespyre Phoenix complete

Sat down this week and finished painting my High Elf Phoenix.  Took one night to get the foundation colours on and one more night to do everything else in my usual slap dash fashion.  As per my post a week or so back I was looking for a way to paint a single model so it could be used as a Flamespyre and/or Frostheart with reasonable accuracy.

My original plan aimed for blue flames coming from a brown/red coloured Phoenix with the Phoenix painted up to look more like a typical bird.  The hottest part of the flames would be near the ends of the feathers mean I would have a dark body getting lighter and then darker again as it moved toward the end of the flames.

The original plan was a disaster as what I ended up with was a red/white/blue colour scheme that looked HORRIBLE.  So I hurriedly painted over the white and went with a different option my 1/2 caste Phoenix.  The basic story is:

The 1/2 caste Phoenix is a Flamespyre that is getting older and in the process of turning to Frost hence its body still produces flames and generates heat but that heat is cooling in places leading to frost rather than flame coming from its wings.
Whether this works or not is debatable but I LIKE IT - what you get is a bright flame coloured Phoenix body with Blue-icy flamed wings representing the gradual cooling down of the Phoenix's body - I mean there has to be a 1/2 way point right? They dont just go from full on Fire to full on Ice overnight?

I have to give a huge thank you to wife for her help with this as she gave me one great idea that really made everything come together in the end.  Anyway basic process was as follows:
  • Basecoats - Khemri Brown & Regal Blue
  • Washes - Mud Wash & Nightshade 
  • Red areas - Scorched Brown, Mechrite Red, Scab Red, Red Gore, Wild Rider Red, Blazing Orange, Mystery Paint, Red Wash
  • Blue areas - Enchanted Blue, Vallejo Skyblue 961
  • Beak/Talons - Scorched Brown, Vomit Brown, Bleached Bone, Skull White, Ogryn Flesh Wash
  • Eyes - Black, Goblin Green, Scorpion Green
At each stage I was lightening the primary colours by adding increasing amounts of white before drybrushing the modified colour on.  There are I think 5-6 different shades of red/orange/gold on the Red areas and 4-5 different shades of blue on the blue areas.  I also drybrushed the odd bit of red/orange into the blue areas as well.

Painting technique wise I did A LOT of drybrushing.  The main colours Mechrite Red & Regal Blue were painted on, and I also ensured I got the Enchanted Blue areas painted properly.  After that it was non-stop drybrushing. The final result looked great but was missing something - the red areas just didnt pop and I didnt have any yellow, and as its a primary colour couldn't make any.  In stepped my wife with the suggestion that I try adding some gold.  And thats what the mystery colour is dry-brushed Burnished Gold - which just really makes everything work.

Anyway hope you enjoy the result - the final picture is of my painting table on which you can the see the various shades of blue/red that I was mixing throughout the evening.  Being messy and slapdash I mix on the table top not in an paint tray thing. 

Final note the rider is not glued in and I have painted the other insert in the same manner as the rest of the bird.  The idea is that I just pop the rider or insert in depending on how I want to play the model.


Millsy said...

She's a beaut mate! Lovely colour scheme...

Scott said...

I think the paint job is excellent, and certainly an interesting twist on this bi-phasic thermically challenged beastie!

My only curiosity is the concept of a rider... one would imagine he'd either catch fire or freeze! Unless he's mounted at the sweet spot between flame and ice?

James Brewerton said...

Stunning looking Model with a paint job that is out of this world, hats off to you
Peace James

Simon Switzer said...

Absolutely gorgeous model John, I really like the way you integrated both colors, stunning


John Murrie said...

Thanks everyone glad you like it - turned out better than I had expected.

@Scott - he has a WS so I'm assuming he's safe ;)

The Kiwi said...

Excellent job. It's a magical creature so it explains everything and anything.

Archaicwonder said...

Well done, Beautiful job. The painter in the family (wife) says she still wants one of each, but is going to do the mounted/not mounted setup you showed here now. Huzzah!