July 5, 2013

KiwiHammer Podcast Episode #1 & Hobby Update

A recent development amongst the New Zealand Wargaming community is the creation of a new podcast KiwiHammer.  Its the work of five regular members of the NZ-WHFB tournament community and after their first test cast came out last week the 5 of them are ready for their first Episode.

Given the depth of experience and quality of generalship amongst the 5 of them KiwiHammer promises to be a great listen and a welcome Kiwi addition to the podcast world.  It is early days so the guys (who are all so freaking young) are still getting the sound, script thing sorted out but its well worth a listen.

Check it out at Kiwihammer 

Hobby wise I am in a self imposed slow period at the moment as I have a lot going on.  Sold our house last month, moving into new one next week (round the corner from the gaming clubs venue), just finished marking exams from Semester 1 and getting ready for Semester 2.  Painting my Phoenix was my last bit of hobby work for the next few weeks but once we get settled into the new house - which has a dedicated gaming/hobby area - Ill be getting stuck in again. 

Gaming wise Warhammer will be taking a back seat over the next couple of months as it is, for me, the start of the Flames of War Tournament period.  Three events coming up over the next few weeks.
  • Panzershrek 2200pt LW doubles.
  • Call to Arms 1750pts LW
  • FRACAS 650pts LW Battle of the Bulge single day event
Unfortunately my next WHFB event won't be until September although there are a number of other events on offer around the country I can only attend those in Wellington or the lower North Island.

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