July 8, 2013

LW-FOW Fallschirmjager 1750pt Army List for Call to Arms

Due date for list submissions for Call to Arms (Aug 3rd/4th) isn't far off so I finalised my army list over the weekend.  Going with the same list I took to NATCON last year as it worked pretty well, I liked it and feel confident using it.  Did consider Bridge by Bridge so I could fit in VDH and some Trap Teams but really want to take Tigers again as I had fun with them at NATCON. Plus taking this means I dont have to buy or borrow any more models.
Stumpys 1750pts of Fallschirmjager

Next year I will take a Bridge by Bridge themed list based around the 6.FJR attacks on Eerde and Veghel but I have some other plans in mind for that particular army list plus I need to buy some 10.5cm artillery to complete it. So here's what I'm taking....

Fallschrimjager - Fortress Europe

Company HQ - 120pts
w. 1 x Panzerfaust/SMG, 1 x Sniper

FJ Platoon - 275pts
w. PF/SMG + 3 Squads

FJ Platoon - 275pts
w. PF/SMG + 3 Squads

Schwere Panzer Platoon - 430pts
w. 2 x Tiger IE

FJ Tank Hunter Platoon - 440pts
w. 4 x StuG G

Heer Rocket Launcher Battery - 125pts
w. 3 x NW41

FJ AA Platoon - 105pts
w. 3 x 2cm Flak 38

TOTAL 1,750pts (6 Platoons)

Also briefly considered taking a Greywolf list which would give me 3 Tigers and Pak 40s instead of the StuGs, but I prefer the StuGs.  They have the same AT rating as Pak 40s but are more versatile in that I can move them around, they provide better options when coming on in reserve, and with a hull HMG are good at taking out infantry.


Scott said...

Good list.

I'll be running my GPGs again, though not Lehr, probably a list from GW.

My only quandry, is the threat from this years upgunned fireflies/17pdrs/6pdrs...
Panthers and Tigers are no long 'safe' at range... so what to do...

Whats your thoughts? I see you're going with 2 Tigers...

John Murrie said...

They still have to hit me first and ill be using the tigers defensively. But then I had forgotten about those changes.

I might look at taking a 6FJR list with trap teams or swap out the Stugs for Paks which give same AT but arent as vulnerable to fireflys as StuGs. 6FJR can also take jagdpanthers whose 40" range would keep shermans at bay while trap teams move in.

Will have to look at adding ability to put down
More smoke as well..... but then I cant build a list around one type of opponent

The Kiwi said...

Nice looking army. I have never run an FJ list with just 2 infantry platoons. Should do well though.

John Murrie said...

Ideally id take a 3rd platoon of fj pioneers but events here tend to get dominatef by armour so you have to take more AT assets. Plus all the scenarios events use here favour a bit of mobility. I would take a panzer company but I like my fj too much.

Red Dog said...

Nice list, that will be hard as nails in defence, but you can still attack if you have to.
Are you going to Panzerschreck?

John Murrie said...

Cheers - it worked well for me at NATCON. The only lists I had trouble against were the new US Armoured Lists with the Tank Destroyers and horde of Chaffees & the Panther heavy Panzer company.

I just like Tiger Tanks which is why I'm going with it. Next year Ill switch back to Bridge by Bridge and take FJ with Jagdpanthers :)

And yep will be at Panzershrek - home event