July 24, 2013

Next on the painting table 30k, Reavers, Phoenix, another Griffon & next FOW project

With Panzershrek over I took some time to sort out my hobby space in the new house and to organise the many many models/units I have still to paint, finish painting, assemble, base and/or finish basing across WHFB, FOW and 30/40k.  The resulting list is VERY long so I've narrowed it down to a few key projects that I want to get finished and feel enthusiastic about.  So next on the painting desk will be...

5 x Space Marine Terminators, 1 x Dreadnought & 2 x Rhinos all to be completed as part of my 30k Word Bearers force.
2 x Sabretusks for my Ogre Kingdoms army - need these as I plan on taking Ogres to Warpfire in September and they are a good way to round out 1000pts.
10 x Ellyrian Reavers - thanks to Glen Burfield who decided to unhold a swag of High Elves :) - which once done will form part of 4 units of 5 th.at I plan on running in my next High Elf tournament list (intended for Skitterleap in October?)
5 x Ellyrian Reavers - the 2nd of my original 2 sets.
5 x White Lions, 5 x Shadow Warriors, 5 x Phoenix Guard & 1 x Mage on horse - the White Lions and Phoenix Guard aren't needed that urgently but the Mage and Shadow Warriors most definately are but Ill get them all done.
High Elf BSB mounted on a Griffon - I modified this model (also acquired off Glen) by cutting off the right hand and adding one from a Spearmen.  Then drilled a hole through that to allow me to slot a long metal rod through it to form the banner pole .  The large banner is a spare from the HE Chariot kit and the smaller pennant the original one off the lance the Griffon usually comes with.  Have also given him a shield and bow+quiver (from archer kit) hanging off his saddle.  
I have wanted to run a double Griffon list ever since I got my original IoB model which is just fantastic.  The new source book lets me do this and I have two options for Skitterleap (1) Prince + BSB both on Griffons or (2) Eltharion the Grim + BSB both on Griffons. Going to go with number (2) as at 70-80pts more than a decent Prince set up why wouldnt you.
Have applied the poly filler to the base.  Back half smoothed out and to be painted up as a snow/ice field, the front half is more built up and Ill paint that up to represent it being on fire.  Also have to paint the insert used when you field the model without a rider.  Both the insert and rider will get magnets put in them so I can swap them in and out effectively.
After these projects I have a ton of stuff left to complete but none of it is terribly urgent.  What I will be doing is ordering the models required to finish off my Canadian Armoured Company from the Market Garden book which I got in the mail on Tuesday.

Like BF Bridge to Bridge its a beautiful book with a massive amount of historical information in it and a number of great lists.  Going to restrict myself to the Canadian armoured company at first though building toward the following list.

CHQ - 2 x Sherman V's, 1 x .50 AA
Combat Platoon - 2 x Sherman V's, 2 x Fireflys, 4 x .50 AA
Combat Platoon - 2 x Sherman V's, 2 x Fireflys, 4 x .50 AA
SP Artillery Platoon - 4 x Sextons
Recce Platoon - 3 x Stuart MkVI
Priority Air - Typhoon
Aerial observation post

Comes in at 1750pts exactly and is a small but solid force.  Shermans are all done, Sextons, artillery command etc and Stuarts are on order.  Going to be a busy couple of months.


Simon Switzer said...

Are the Armoured Platoons Canadian Armoured Recce or just normal Canadian Armoured?

Looks like a solid list.


John Murrie said...

Normal Canadian wasn't sold on the Recce although I can see the benefits of it.

Other list in the book I immediately liked the look of was Frosts Perimeter Force of British Paras. Would be something I could really get into...

Simon Switzer said...

Yea, both choices are still very solid, the Recce are like 20 more points per troop with the Cautious movement added on.

Yea Col. Frosts Special rules are neat, I think its the same chart as the Parachute Reg just with Frost added in