July 31, 2013

Ogre BSB & Airfix aircraft Ahoy

Picked up some black spray paint for undercoating at Mr Models yesterday - had to go with Tamiya as he doesnt stock GW stuff and our local GS has shut down, pity as Tamiya is nowhere near as good - and found myself perusing the shelves of model aeroplanes.  Now as a kid I built dozens of these things and had them hanging all over my ceiling (those my brother didnt break that is).  Sadly 25+ years later they are all gone.  So unable to help myself I treated myself to the following 1:72 scale kitset.

As I now have a dedicated hobby room I thought it about time I start redecorating the cieling with a few more model aircraft.  Hopefully my efforts at painting will be much better than they were when I was 10, but we'll see.  Couldn't help myself and started on it already.
While there are better manufacturers out there - Hasegawa has a great name for 1:72 scale aircraft - there is something iconic about Airfix that just makes their kits feel right.

In other news I had to put a lock on my hobby room door the other day after my son got in while I was at work as he REALLY REALLY wanted to play with my army men (as he calls them).  Result?  Every single model I had - and I do mean every single model FOW, WHFB & 40k - was spread across the floor and various table surfaces.  But he was pretty careful and only broke a couple of Ogres.  That at least gave me an excuse to pack everything up and reorganise them and to finally finish reattaching the banners to my various Ogre Standard Bearers - in this case with the helpful assistance of the GF9 pinning kit.

The model is the Avatars of War Ogre. He comes with 2 small banners that go into holders on a harness on his back. I opted to put two larger rods in their place.  One has the Great Maw icon on it the other a Lookout Gnoblar with a scratch built platform made out of various Dwarf & High Elf shields. The banner is from the High Elf Archer kit with bits cut off it to make it look rough.

Hasn't turned out too badly. Have also reundercoated all of my other Ogre Standards (after pinning them all) so I can redo the colours.

The aim is to get them all finished with a baseboard so I can take them to Skitterleap in October & Vermintide in November.  Would take High Elves but I honestly wont get the HE list I want to take painted in time. So Ogres it is.

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Scott said...

Lets just hope your sons enthusiasm for the hobby continues and he isn't sucked into the world of electronic gadgets and computers for entertainment! ;-)