July 30, 2013

Panzershrek AAR 4/5 vs. Kampfgruppe Swoboda + Pz Company

I enjoyed this game against a Father & Son team from Kapiti - always great to see kids getting involved in tournaments (got thrashed quite royally by a 12 year old at FRACAS 2 years ago as I recall).  It was also interesting in that they were using lists out of Bridge by Bridge KG Swoboda & the Pz Company both of which I considered using.  This gave them a HUGE amount of AA Artillery 2cm and a plethora of 88's plus Panthers and a few PzIVs.

The table top was pretty cool as well with a large village and a varied range of terrain types.  However, it did make our job of attacking extremely difficult as it gave us two choices (1) attack through a range of small hills towards dug-in 88s or (2) attack infantry and AA guns dug into buildings.

The terrain - one objective behind the building with the red roof with the window in it at the back of the village.  The other was off to the left of this picture in between two hills both of which had 88s on them.  The 4 buildings with the red roofs were garrisoned by 38mm and 20mm AA guns and Grenadiers.
 Unfortunately this was one of those games where we got freaked out by an opponents units in this case their 88s all of which had ROF3 due to extra crews.  In hindsight we should have massed our tanks and rushed them as we had more tanks than they had shots and with the average number of misses would have made it through.  But we got scared and went for the village instead... not a good idea.

The right flank which gave us a (slow) option for moving up another Platoon away from our opponents AA and AT artillery, while allowing us to make better us of our limited deployment zone.
How we deployed - everything except 1 Platoon of PzIV's (on the right flank) heading up the centre.  Main guns to dig people out, HMGs to pin them down and PzIVs to drive into the buildings and assault - Veterans facing a slightly better chance of making the requisite skill checks. 
Missing roofs indicate buildings with troops in them - helps you to remember where they are
The 2nd objective out in the open but surrounded by AT and AA artillery.  WE SHOULD HAVE gone for this one as all that terrain gave us concealment and in some respects blocked LOS for our approach.
There is only so much room on the bridge
The Assault begins - PzIVs take out the AA guns in the front buildings and move to assault them.  Goal to drive them out one at a time.  Panthers and Nebs fire at the buildings around the crossroads - aim to break that platoon (only RT) and have it flee leaving the village wide open.  Enemy PzIVs behind the village are a problem as is a platoon of 3 Panthers not yet deployed in ambush against us.
This is where things went peared shaped. 
In response to our plan our opponents did something that threw us completely -they moved to attack.  The 88ms loaded up and moved with infantry support to flank our attack on the village.  This required us to divert the AA and some of the Panthers to our left to counter them.  Meanwhile the 2nd PzIV Platoon had gotten in range of the building only to be ambushed by the enemys Panthers... result 3 dead PzIV's.  Meanwhile the enemy PzIV's have begun to move and snipe taking out a couple of our Panthers and making things difficult for our PzIVs.  The assault has bogged down, as we have not been aggressive enough, began to change our plan on a turn by turn basis, and were faced with an opponent who was planning a very clever game.

Panthers getting mauled and enemy PzIVs also causing problems.
Enemy Grenadiers begin to move through the village to outflank us on our left.  We dont have enough strength their to counter them particularly as the 88s have come with them.  Nebs fail to range in and we can't stop their advance.

The final picture is about where the game ended.  From here our tanks advanced into the village and engaged in a duel with the enemy armour but we simply couldnt press forward or do enough to push the enemy off the objective.  We deployed badly, had a bad plan and were not aggressive enough.  The plan could have worked had we directed all our fire and efforts on one target at a time.  But we diverted our efforts and got distracted.  More importantly our opponents outplayed us with some clever tactical moves and did a good job in stopping our troops getting through.

Result 1-6 loss.

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Scott said...

"In response to our plan our opponents did something that threw us completely -they moved to attack. The 88ms loaded up and moved with infantry support to flank our attack on the village. "....
LOL, you forgot you were playing Brett - he always attacks no matter what ;-) I think he plays by the mantra; "the best form of defense, is attack"...Very shrewd player too...