July 22, 2013

Panzershrek FOW doubles results

Team 'Die Gepanzerte Holzloffel wrapped up Panzershrek XII yesterday and it provided yet another fantastic weekend of gaming.  Thoroughly enjoyed all 5 of the games Jeremy and I played and despite our poor results (1 win, 4 losses for 11 BP) we had a good time and played a lot better than our previous two outings.  Officially we finished 13th but that was due to one team (*ahem* we won't name names) mucking up their scoring in two games and giving us and another opponent a win (and 5 extra BP) each by mistake.  To late to change things as it wasnt discovered until after the prizes had gone out so a 'you knobhead' text went out to the player in question instead.

Will get full AAR and pictures up soon just a bit busy right now.  There were a few highlights and memorable moments for me from the weekend.
  • Being able to walk to the venue from home - took 2 min's always a bonus.
  • The terrain - big thanks to those players who supplied their own terrain it was fantastic, great to see a wide variety of set ups including a couple of tables dominated by large villages.
  • Competitive games - the key reason I enjoy playing FOW more than WHFB atm is that 99% of the time the game isn't decided until the last turn or two.  Often in WHFB you know by the end of Turn 1 how its going to turn out and the game turns into a bit of a depressing bore.  But FOW it nearly always comes right down to the wire.
  • Failed bogging checks - AHHH!!! how many times did this happen.  Had one PzIV stuck on a hedge for 6 turns in one game, ironically he was the only tank to survive that battle.
  • Multiple assaults with solo tanks - I like to GO FOR IT and throw dice so chucking single tanks into the assault vs. dug-in infantry armed with AT11 AT weapones not once but 3 times in the last turn of Game 5 was fantastic.
  • The terrain - love it love it love it
  • The people - great bunch of guys playing FOW, always friendly, always open to discussion and all well versed in the whims of the Dice Gods 
  • Learning the rules better - picked up on a couple of things this time round re: moving in and out of command, moving over enemy teams and the application of terrain, always good to get these things clarified.
  • The food - great event BBQ and Dereks choco-chip cookies were a stand out.
As for the Fuhrer Begliet Panzer Company list it worked really well the 'Guards' re-roll Platoon morale checks was a great help but I did learn that I need more artillery. 
  • Single tank HQ - was never an issue as I never had to make a company morale check and didnt meiss the 2IC, although a 2nd tank to help sit back on objectives might have been helpful.
  • PzIV's - FA6 is horribly weak but PzIV's are under-rated in my opinion and if supported by other units with sufficiently high AT (e.g. Panthers/Tigers) work very well.
  • Neb battery - having 6 guns was good, opting to switch between double and single templates without or with re-rolls to hit was a solid option.  Does pay to read the unit description better their range is 64" not the 60" i've always played?!?
  • Half-track AA - saved our bacon in several turns and honestly the unarmoured vehicles are better than the armoured ones.  5+ vehicle save and then a gun-shield forcing a FP check if you fail it.  Lot better than going straight to FP.
Finally there was the demo game 'Flames of [the] Sky' being run by Phil from BF.  A FOW variation of Wings of War its was a lot of fun and I could have happily spent the whole weekend playing nothing but that.  Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

Have two weeks off gaming now before Call to Arms on August 3rd/4th (LW 1750pts) and then FRACAS on August 11th (LW 650pts).  

The weekend also gave me the a very strong desire to start work on a themed Panzer Company.  Right now I have lots of stuff but its all been collected ad hoc, whereas my Fallschirmjager have been built around the Market Garden campaign.  Still looking for inspiration but I'm leaning toward the 21st Panzer Division as I can then use them as the basis for my DAK Panzer Company as well.


Bede said...

Hi John,

Just having a read through your blog for the first time - some interesting reads! I know I put you wrong with the AA the other day, but you only get one save with your unarmoured AA trucks. The Fire Power test is in place of the 5+ save (see pg 99).

See you at Call to Arms - looks like we're running similar forces (I am a Tiger man from way back).

Danisnotatree said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and I look forward to pictures. Me and Steve are building our experience for next year and as Palmy is where I grew up and where my parents are there will be no probs with accommodation. Doubles is a good social way to play.

John Murrie said...

@ Bede - thanks for the clarification so its straight to FP from now on then. Nice to know you found something interesting on here and RE: CTA to be honest I based my list on one you ran a while back at another event.

@ Danis - pictures up soonish :)