July 23, 2013

Panzershrek XII AAR Part 1/6 - Army Parade & Tables

I'll let the pictures tell the story, while I took photos of every army at the event I must apologise as several came out fuzzy but whats left is still pretty good (IMHO).  The pictures are all quite large so if you click on them you'll get the expanded versions.  Still amazed by what some armys can squeeze into 1100pts.  Table wise it was another great event but I would really really love to see a city scape table e.g. Stalingrad or Berlin with nothing but buildings.

My half of team 'Die Gepanzerte Holzloffel' - Fuhrer Begliet Panzercompany
Team 'Die Gepanzerte Holzloffel'
Team 'Die Gepanzerte Holzloffel' - Fuhrer Begliet & Eastern Front Panzers
AAR still come for Games 1 - 5 so stay tuned.


Danisnotatree said...

Thanks for posting the photos John, it is good to see what armies are being taken and the tables that were played on.

Scott said...

Ah, brings back memories... and nervous tick... you missed my army picture.... boo hoo sniffle! ;-)

Mark Stanton said...

There was certainly some good looking armies on display, I thought the Strelkovy Rob Torrence was using was very nice.

The tables were on the most part were very good, lots of area and linear terrain. The hedge maze table would be very hard to play on if you had a No retreat due to both the river and hedges. Thankfully we had it in a fighting withdrawal mission.

John Murrie said...

I did get a photo of it mate but it was one of those ones that turned out blurry sorry :( it was very pretty though

Scott said...

LOL no worries, I guessed as much ;-)