August 31, 2013

Word Bearers MkII Armoured Assault Marine

Completed first (test) model of my 10 man Word Bearers Assault Squad last night.  Turned out better than I hoped and more importantly its a close match to the colour scheme I had originally developed for the MkIII & MkIV armoured figures.  Base is made out of an old wine cork.  Model pinned together and pinned to the base. Grass tufts are from the Minatur range

The MkII Assault Marine with a MkIII Armoured Marine for contrast

August 29, 2013

WIP - Dwarf Army Display Board, 30k Carnsaurs & Griffon disaster

In a mad rush of enthusiasm I started work on a display board for my Dwarfs yesterday. Using a range of materials including (1) A cheap cork message board as the base, (2) Florist Green Foam for sculpting and (3) pre-cut balsa wood bricks.

Display board layout #1 - OK but too cramped

Display board layout #2 - much much better and what Ill go with
Worked out two variations of how I want it to look after building some mock ups with my kids building blocks. Next step will be assembly, covering the whole thing in sealer (to keep moisture out of the bricks), covering again with poly-filler and finally painting. To make the board stand out a little more I ordered some of Scibor miniatures excellent Dwarven terrain pieces which will make a nice addition to the overall look. The Green Foam has the added benefit of being easy to carve and to sculpt in so I can do some rune work over the main gates of the hold. Going to go with the 2nd variation I think showing my Throng marching out of the Hold ready to do battle.
In other WIP news I volunteered (or asked) to paint Jeff Kents new Carnosaur model as quite frankly its awesome, I want to give it a go and he isn't that keen. Have a couple of colour scheme ideas to run by him tonight at the club.

Also have my 10 FW MkII Assault Marines based and ready to go after sourcing a whole bunch of old wine corks (the slight odour of red wine adds to the effect). Each model is pinned to the cork and I started work on painting the first 5 last night.

In regard to the Griffon I posted yesterday I am going to have to strip it and start again as I completely screwed up the wings and have ruined the overall look. Can't paint over my mistakes as it will ruin the detail..... *sigh*

August 27, 2013

Whats better than one High Elf Griffon? Two Griffons

Started work on my 2nd High Elf Griffon which I've modified so it can be used as a BSB.  Plan is to include him in my reworked High Elf army which due to some serious painting over the last week might actually be ready for Skitterleap (AH the dilemma of having 3 armies to choose from). 

Going for a slightly different look on this one to make them easier to tell apart.  Only realised after I uploaded the photos that the camera had a smudge on the lens but they're still ok.

Only a WIP though... maybe 2 more nights of painting till its done.

The rider on the Blue Griffon has been modified by replacing the right arm with one from the Spear Elves kit, a shield from the Nobles kit and a bow with quiver also from the Spear Elves kit.  Banner pole is a 3mm brass rod from the GF9 pinning kit.  Drilled a hole through the right hand and slotted the rod through that.  Rectangular banner is from a Chariot kit and the original lance head from the Griffon kit (with the banner on it) is pinned to the top of this.

Basic kit out for this guy in BSB form will be:
- Dragon Armour, Charmed Shield, Sword of Might, Golden Crown, Griffon w. Swiftsense

Gives him 3+ AS and 6+ WS base with 2+ WS vs. Flaming attacks, 2+ WS vs. first hit and 2+ WS vs. first wound.  Both he and the Griffon have ASF.  Would also give him Potion of Foolhardiness where points allow.

August 25, 2013

1000pt Warhammer - Dwarfs it is.... but which list?

1000pts what to take when you know the filth... sorry fun lists others will be bringing.  Was planning on Ogres but I miss my Dwarfs so they'll be getting an airing at Warpfire next month and then again at Skitterleap in Oct. I'm even working on a display board for them a spur of the moment decision prompted by the purchase of an $8 corkboard.

But what do I take?  Traditional, Quirky, Gunline???  Getting to play test some ideas this Thursday but have them narrowed down to the following...

1000pts Dwarfs v1
Runesmith - 107pts
w. Shield, RO Burning, RO Stone, RO Spellbreaking
12 x Quarrellers - 161pts
w. Musician, Great Weapons
12 x Quarrellers - 161pts
w. Musician, Great Weapons
24 x Hammerers - 326pts
w. Musician, Standard, RO Determination
Cannon - 125pts
w. RO Forging
Organ Gun - 120pts 

1000pts Dwarfs v2
Joseph Bugman - 155pts
30 x Longbeard Rangers - 480pts
w. Musician, Standard, Great Weapons, Throwing Axes, RO Determination, Ancestor Rune
15 x Quarreller Rangers - 225pts
w. Musician, Standard, Great Weapons
Gyrocopter - 140pts

1000pts Dwarfs v3
Lord - 246pts
w. MR Gromil, RO Resistance, MR Challenge, RO Brotherhood
Joseph Bugman - 155pts
19 x Longbeard Rangers - 300pts
w. Musician, Standard, Great Weapons, Throwing Axes
19 x Warrior Rangers - 243pts
w. Musician, Standard, Great Weapons, Throwing Axes
5 x Miners - 55pts

I'll give them all a run before the lists are due and then make up my mind either of the 3 would be fun though.  If I could Id take nothing but Slayers...

August 21, 2013

Hobby Update - Forgeworld MkII Assault Marines

Two bags of FW excellent MkII armoured Assault Astartes arrived in the mail the other day and I spent a couple of hours last night getting the assembly process under way.  While FW models are fantastic glueing resin pieces together is still a pain and takes a fair bit of patience.

Because Assault marines have very large Jump Packs on their backs I opted to assemble all of the models by pinning them.  This made what is usually a tricky process substantially easier and the result are some very strong models.

Pinning process is pretty simple as resin drills quite easily and the sculpts allow for easy use of larger rods - I have smaller ones but have lost my small drill bit (again).  The following pieces have been pinned:
  • Legs to upper torso
  • Jump pack to upper torso
  • Arms to upper torso
Waiting on some wine corks for the basing and then I can start basing.  Weapons wise most will get the standard Bolt-Pistol + CCW kit out but I'll give at least one model a Lightning Claw but will attempt to magnetise it so I can swap it for a CCW if needed.

August 18, 2013

New 'Avatars of War' Dwarf releases

Seems that Avatars of War is speeding up its release of new Dwarf units (Click here for full range).  The total available is now 4 to go with the numerous hero/lord choices they have in the store.  The new 'Pathfinder' models would be perfect as Rangers and have been added to my 'Wish List' of possible new models should a new Dwarf book ever be released.


August 17, 2013

Whitewashing Panzers with Vegemite...

My 10 Plastic Soldier Company PzIVs are going to get a winter makeover this month as part of a new project to build a Late War Fuhrer Begliet Panzer Company from the Fuhrer Brigades Briefing. As a guide I used the tutorial provided on the Battlefront website which outlined a number of techniques for getting the required look.

Not wanting to start over I opted to give the Vegemite option a go (much to my wifes amusement) applying it over the top of an already painted tank and then spraying with White.  Tested the process on a spare StuG G and then on a PzIV overall it turned out pretty well although the pattern isnt that great on the PzIV.

Very simple process and somewhat tasty as well...

August 15, 2013

WHFB fun @ at 1000pts - Ogres, Elves or Dwarfs

With the FOW tournament season over - well for me anyway - its back onto the WHFB band wagon for the rest of the year.  The next event is Warpfire a one-day 1000pt no-comp WHFB event on 14th September.  At no comp I expect a fair bit of filth but hopefully some fun lists from people but we'll see.

Gave two lists a go tonight against Reagans Vampires.  Both games ended in a tabling the first to me the 2nd to him and confirmed my initial thoughts that Ogre Kingdoms are the way to go at 1000pts.

The lists I ran tonight were:

w. Heavy Armour, Additional Hand Weapon, Dragon Helm, Crown of Command

6 x Ironguts
w. Full command, Look out Gnoblar, Gleaming Pennant

2 x Mournfang
w. Heavy Armour, Ironfists, Standard, Musician

2 x Mournfang
w. Heavy  Armour, Ironfists, Standard, Musician



2 units of Mournfang at 1000pts is just nuts but fun.  Absolutely brutalised the Vampires and the armies overall movement was great.  Lack of magic hurt but not much as remains in play spells I could get rid of in my magic phase.  Can't include a Butcher without busting points cap, but could take a bare L3 Slaughtermaster but that would require me to drop 250pts from elsewhere.  Ironguts are cool but would more Bulls be better?  The Bruiser worked well but don't think Crown of Command is necessary maybe Ruby Ring or +1 to hit Sword as he did fluff the odd attack.

w. Barded Steed, C/Shield, Golden Crown, Sword of Might
5 x Reavers
w. Full command, Spears and Bows
5 x Reavers
w. Full command, Spears and Bows
9 x Dragon Princes
w. Full command, Banner of World Dragon, Ogre Blade

Frostheart is just awesome but High Elves still suck in combat without GW.  Problem is at this points level you have to have a mobile army and that means Reavers/Dragon Princes.  An RBT would be nice but that would require dropping a couple of DP bodies.  Its a fun list, fast and hard hitting on the charge but suffers from the usual HE frailities.

I would take Dwarfs but I'm saving them for Skitterleap and 2400pts plus at 1000pts they're not quite as good although I did have a nasty no deploy list worked out with a Scouting Lord, Bugman, 2 lots of Rangers and some Miners.  That would really muck people about.

August 13, 2013

Call to Arms AAR 5/5 - Fallschirmjager vs. GePzGr

Last game of Call to Arms 2013 and after my close run loss against Paul I was looking for a good win here to get me up the leaderboard. The scenario was Strategic Withdrawl another one of my favourites as it always produces (at least in my experience) very close games that force you to play well.  In this match I was up against Scott Bowman of the excellent blog Scotts Wargaming.  Id never played him before but have always wanted to so was looking forward to it.  The match would also mean I had played both of the Kapiti boys on Day 2.

(You can read Scotts account of the battle here)

The terrain set up offered some solid advantages for defense but also gave Scott a number of concealed approaches.  I put my first objective down on the left near the river that cut off the right hand 5th of the table.  This required Scott to place his over on the left and he helped out a little bit by putting both near forests.  These gave me great places to deploy my defending infantry.  To help cover all 3 objectives I created a small battlegroup taking 3 teams from each FJ Platoon to make a 3rd giving me infantry on all 3 objectives.

Deployment - 1st FJ on the forested hill objective (left flank), StuGs behind to cover the approaches to the other two objectives.  Nebs behind the hill.  2 more FJ platoons are dug in covering the other objectives.  The only elements not concealed back in the forest are the AA guns that are covering the centre & right flank. Tigers with ROF3 are in ambush
The crucial centre & right flank objectives
Scott masses his units in the centre with the King Tigers offering protection.  One GePzGr platoon is on the other side of the river though which I hadn't expected.  Kept this picture in full colour as I think his German Camo scheme is simply awesome - why I and a lot of others voted for him as Best Painted Army for the tournament.
My first mistake is revealed - Scotts Paks go down in the wheatfield and begin to slowly move up.  While the objectives are all in forests there are open spaces between them meaning my StuGs will have to cross that terrain exposing their side armour to his Paks to support the centre and right flank.
First moves by Scott - GePzGr move up to the river and begin to debus their infantry.  Fortunately they can't make it across in one move leaving many teams stranded on the river where infantry only get 5+ saves.
The big rush all of Scotts PzGr debus and advance to assault the right flank objective. I have no choice but to put the Tiger ambush down on this flank.  But where do they go?  I need to neutralise as many of his troops as possible and pin them down to lessen the impact of any fire coming the way of my infantry.  With his 1/2 tracks within 6" of the forest my FJ are going to take a pounding.
Enemy fire rakes the FJ but only takes out a single team.  The Nebs have managed to pin down one of Scotts Platoons while the other platoon on the river is weakened by the Tigers HMG fire and then fails to pass its tank terror to assault.
Tiger ambush goes down on top of the objective and opens up on the PzGr crossing the river.  I make a mistake here though that nearly costs me.  Rather than stay in place I opt to move my FJ out of their foxholes and back toward the rear of the forest.  I was aiming to get them out of LOS of his 1/2 tracks but they lost GTG and Bulletproof cover.  Plus his 1/2 tracks just looped around the side of the forest.
A ton of HMG fire comes in and my FJ are pinned down but amazingly I make my saves and dont lose anybody.  Nebs and Tigers continue to rake the PzGr who are now taking heavy losses. The Platoon by the King Tigers remains pinned down so Scott can only assault with a single weakened Platoon vs. all of my defensive fire.  The Tigers are also too far back for his tanks to see. 
Scotts assault goes in and its not looking good.  While he takes losses coming in his teams manage to bail both Tiger tanks leaving only my infantry to defend the objective.  I have to win and motivate or the game is lost. 
HOLY COW!!! What a battle that was.  Multiple rounds of assaults.  We both fluff attack rolls but Scott fails his motivation and has to fall back leaving my two bailed out Tigers my CIC and the sole surviving member of the FJ Platoon its Commander alive.  Somehow they both stick around.  Against his 1/2 tracks, tanks and PzGr I have 2 Tanks and 2 PF/SMG teams left and thats it.  Both Tiger crews remount and Scott cannot believe it... neither can I
Meanwhile things haven't been quiet on the left.  Scotts Paks and KT are keeping my StuGs at bay.  To counter the Paks the Sniper deploys on top of the hill and starts taking pot shots at them.  With his 4+ FP he manages to knock out 2 of them forcing the Platoon to fall back.  As the KTigers are occupied with the right flank objective the Snipers work allows the StuGs to move up - the aim to use their greater speed to get into the KT flanks but also to take out a few 1/2 tracks.
The Tigers fall back behind the forest but still in position to contest the objective.  Nebs continue to rain down on Scotts PzGr and now disaster strikes.  One PzGr platoon is shot away and destroyed by the Tigers I think (or from the failed assault).  The 2nd with his CIC is being battered by Artillery fire and the StuGs who have moved up.  Its down to less than 1/2 strength but manages to hang on.  FJ have also moved out of the forest to assault the Pumas that have gotten to close and this Platoon too is destroyed.

My key problem are the King Tigers.  They can kill my tanks easily but even my Tigers can't hurt them.  Nebs have a slim chance of bailing them but thats it.  Only the StuGs have some ability to hurt them but only from the flank.  I have no option but to get the platoon in to engage them
But crossing open ground isn't a good idea though as Scott has 1 Pak 40 left.  It quickly vaporises 2 StuGs while the King Tigers bail out two more.  Things are getting dicey now as the scenario rules mean I am now starting to withdraw Platoons from the board.  Turn 6 isnt far off and Ill be able to take objectives away too - just not the one on the right where only 2 FJ teams and the 2 Tigers are in defence.
Last throw of the dice for the GePzGr as the few remaining teams assault the 2 FJ command teams still alive.  The Tigers meanwhile continue to brew up more and more 1/2 tracks.  On the left and in the centre objectives and Platoons are now being withdrawn.  Its all down to the right flank.
The StuGs are all done so the KT can move up but there are only a few 1/2 tracks left.  My Tigers now have to hide as they are too slow to flank the KT's
The last ditch assault by the GePzGr fails as defensive fire from the Tigers and my 2 FJ Command Squads somehow forces them back inflicting heavy losses.  The surviving teams break and fail their motivation including the re-rolls.  All of Scotts infantry, his 1/2 tracks and recon are now dead.  There is only one objective left... the King Tigers have to go in
Aggression has to pay off - 2 King Tigers against 2 Tiger IEs and 2 PF/SMG command teams both dug-in
The King Tigers go in....
What happened next basically summed up the game from Scotts point of view.  Defensive fire from the Panzerfausts doesn't hurt the King Tigers but then he fluffs his attack rolls.  I still have to motivate to attack him and I pass.  2 hits 1 on each top using Panzerfausts are both successful, one tank is destroyed the other is bailed.  The FJ have hung on - somehow and Scotts final assault brave as it was has failed...

HOLY COW!!! WHAT A GAME!!! This was an absolutely fantastic way to finish the tournament and the most enjoyable game of the weekend for me.  The final score 6-1 to me didn't even come close to representing what really happened here. I ended up voting for Scott for Best Sport for the event as he just kept on trying right up till the end - 4 or 5 different assaults went into those FJ.  Countless rounds of HMG fire from his 1/2 tracks and nothing worked.  It was just one of those games.  

Final result from the tournament for me 17 points putting me up in 10th equal place only my 2nd top 10 tournament finish and another fantastic weekend at Call to Arms