August 25, 2013

1000pt Warhammer - Dwarfs it is.... but which list?

1000pts what to take when you know the filth... sorry fun lists others will be bringing.  Was planning on Ogres but I miss my Dwarfs so they'll be getting an airing at Warpfire next month and then again at Skitterleap in Oct. I'm even working on a display board for them a spur of the moment decision prompted by the purchase of an $8 corkboard.

But what do I take?  Traditional, Quirky, Gunline???  Getting to play test some ideas this Thursday but have them narrowed down to the following...

1000pts Dwarfs v1
Runesmith - 107pts
w. Shield, RO Burning, RO Stone, RO Spellbreaking
12 x Quarrellers - 161pts
w. Musician, Great Weapons
12 x Quarrellers - 161pts
w. Musician, Great Weapons
24 x Hammerers - 326pts
w. Musician, Standard, RO Determination
Cannon - 125pts
w. RO Forging
Organ Gun - 120pts 

1000pts Dwarfs v2
Joseph Bugman - 155pts
30 x Longbeard Rangers - 480pts
w. Musician, Standard, Great Weapons, Throwing Axes, RO Determination, Ancestor Rune
15 x Quarreller Rangers - 225pts
w. Musician, Standard, Great Weapons
Gyrocopter - 140pts

1000pts Dwarfs v3
Lord - 246pts
w. MR Gromil, RO Resistance, MR Challenge, RO Brotherhood
Joseph Bugman - 155pts
19 x Longbeard Rangers - 300pts
w. Musician, Standard, Great Weapons, Throwing Axes
19 x Warrior Rangers - 243pts
w. Musician, Standard, Great Weapons, Throwing Axes
5 x Miners - 55pts

I'll give them all a run before the lists are due and then make up my mind either of the 3 would be fun though.  If I could Id take nothing but Slayers...


Old Fogey said...

Why not break the mold completely and try an MUS approach? Units of 10 or 15, might just work in a small game environment. Just imagine, dwarfs out-maneuvering the rest. And it would give your gaming a fresh perspective. Just an idea. don't feed me to the squigs!

ymmij said...

Whatever you take, it has to deal with at least 6 beasts of nurgle and a couple of skillcannons. So list #1 but with more cannon and another organ gun.

At least you don't have to worry about chaos trolls or throgg because they're broken. phew!


ymmij said...
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