August 6, 2013

Call to Arms AAR 1/5 Fallschirmjager vs. Brit Armour

First game of Call to Arms against Andrew Shepards British Armoured Company comprising 3 lots of Cromwells with attached Fireflys and some M10's. The scenario didn't work well for me as I his fast tanks would get to me well before any reserves could come on.  I opted to put a FJ Platoon, my StuGs and the Tigers on the board with everything else in reserve.  The Tigers got lucky and rolled ROF3 for their Tiger Skill.  Only problem was that the terrain was extremely restrictive and I would have limited opportunities to use that increased ROF - that and the M10s/Shermans were a major threat.

 FJ deploy on the left flank objective but they can't dig in before a Platoon of Cromwells arrive 2 turns later

StuGs deploy behind the 2nd objective covering both approach points while remaining out of LOS from the approaching British armour.

Tigers go in the middle behind the crest of the hill and out of LOS.  In hindsight I should have put them just behind the crest so they could see over and use their high ROF.

Andrews initial deployment - everything in the centre.  His advantages (1) fast speed and (2) reserves whose arrival point didnt matter as much as it would for me

M10's come on in reserve as the majority of Andrews armour advances slowly up the middle.  Only a single Cromwell Platoon makes a sustained advance angling for the exposed FJ Infantry

Cromwells with Fireflys (right of picture) moving through woods to the front of the Tigers.  Woods meant I couldnt see him and he couldnt see me so no shooting yet.  This would make it difficult for me as I really need to take out his tanks before they came within short range of the objectives

DIG IN - DIG IN - DIG IN - Or Not.... FJ for some reason think it would be best to stay out in the open as Cromwells approach.  But it didnt cost them too much as 12 HMG shots fail to kill any of them.  Only after they eventually dug in would the Cromwells start to cause casualties.

StuGs opt to move through the woods to take pot shots at the Cromwells advancing through the centre (FJ 2IC sitting in middle to hold objective).  Unfortunately their shots all miss and 2 then bog down as they attempt to Stormtroop out of LOS.

Still can't figure out what to do with the Tigers - Cromwells everywhere and I am spoiled for targets.  Putting them on the hill was not a good idea as it has limited my tactical options too much.

With M10's providing covering fire a Cromwell Platoon races around behind the StuGs and proceeds to knock them out - I still don't have any reserves whereas all of Andrews Platoons are on the table

Bye Bye StuGs - your contribution 4 shots - 4 misses - 4 dead Vehicles

Maybe the Tigers can do better - the FJ Platoon behind them has stalled the Cromwells on the left and I decide to risk shots to the Tigers slightly weaker side armour to take out the Cromwells threatening the middle objective.

For their trouble a platoon of Cromwells rush up from the centre and into the rear of the Tigers. 

WOW What a turn of shooting that was - Both Tigers stay in place.  One turns its turret and fires 3 shots at 3 Cromwells needing 5's to hit at +1 for slow traverse.  I roll 2 x 5's and a 6 and then 3 successful FP tests to kill all 3 of them.  The other Tiger fires 3 shots at the other Cromwells and knocks out 2 of those.  6 shots - 5 kills WOOT!!!

With the FJ dug in and PF everywhere Andrews Cromwells opt to hang back and HMG them.  A lone firefly moves around the right hand side of the small hill.  A small group of FJ in the nearby forest opt to assault the lone tank and manage to drive it back.

Andrew is threatening both objectives but the Tigers are keeping him at bay but its not looking good for me.  Then I finally get some reserves unfortunately they arrive on the right flank away from the objectives.  They opt to move through the nearby forest and into position to assault the M10's. 

Here we go - time to salvage the battle and turn things around.  All I have to do is get my Fearless FJ to pass a Tank Terror test... looking for a '3'.... I get a..... 2 *sigh*

Meanwhile more Cromwells and a Challenger have moved up and are battling with the Tigers.  I have to split my fire and worry about 2 Fireflys floating around and the M10's which are in range but to hard for me to hit.

ROF3 on the Tigers but I can't use it as they keep using their superior speed to move and I have to keep hiding from the Fireflys and M10's.  That and I keep missing.

On the left Andrew decides to assault and sends his Cromwells in against the dug in FJ who are under 1/2 strength after several turns of HMG fire has chewed through them. Panzerfausts take out two of them but its not enough to hold onto the objective, but I am still contesting it a turn later.

With the FJ assault on the right having failed the M10s are free to hit the Tigers and the score a success knocking one out.  The Cromwells then finish off the 2nd.  Only the 2IC is left on the objective.

Come back so I can attack you - the 2nd FJ Platoon launch another assault on the M10s, pass their motivation test but this time are pinned down and forced back by defensive fire.

Game over now - the 2nd Tiger is gone so Andrew starts lining his tanks up to take out the FJ 2IC on the central objective

Overkill?!? 32 HMG shots on the FJ 2IC result in 16 hits and 14 successful infantry saves.  I only fail 2 and nearly get another turn out of the game. 
Game over and a well played and well earned victory to Andrew although it is only a 5-2 as I have managed to cause enough damage to score an extra point.  Looking back I think my deployment of the Tigers didn't help me and maybe I should have put the FJ in the forest and the StuGs out in the open on the left?  Not sure really.  Either way Andrew out played me so it was a fair result and a good win to him.


Mark Stanton said...

Looks like you had a fun close game there, pity about the failed Tank terror, as it looked like you could of smacked them M10's as they were nicely lined up with little DF dice.

Yup, problem with placing Tigers in the middle was that Shep could use his speed against you, forcing you to face and shoot on one threatening flank, while he moves his other platoon up the other side and takes rear shots at you. You are then forced to constantly move and not take advantage of the high ROF. I have learnt that lesson the hard way a many a time.

Red Dog said...

Mobility is king in an Encounter. When you only have one or two mobile elements it's always a difficult choice: start them on table and go for a rapid strike, knowing that reserves may not be able to join the attack; or do you sit tight at the start and mitigate the scattered reserves with your mobile units, risking losing the initiative? Gahhhh!!!!

Scott said...

Good report John.

LOL, I was cheering the Tigers shooting at the mid point! ;-)

Shame the FJ fluffed the fearless tank terror on the M10s, that could have had you hanging on if the M10s had gone down...

Sometimes this game is cruel! ;-)

But Tanks against infanty in a mobile battle like Encounter, you were always on a tough call to stick it out, and 'Shep is no mug.

The Kiwi said...

Cool report. Cromwells on the rampage are great at making a joke of front armour.

Mad Tin Hatter said...

Enjoyed the report and a great looking table!