August 9, 2013

Hobby Update - 30k Word Bearers & LW-FOW Canadian Armoured

At the moment I have far too many projects on the go and far too many little bits and pieces in need of painting across WHFB, 30/40k and FOW.  Deciding what to work on is tricky particularly as I tend to bounce from one thing to another.  The problem isnt helped by several purchases over the last month or two (that I feel somewhat guilty about) which have added to my High Elf, Ogre Kingdoms, Dwarf, LW-Panzer, Fallschirmjager, 30k/40k and Canadian Armoured collections.

Anyway couple of quick updates in regard to what I'm currently working on...

On the painting table right now

British LW Artillery Platoon HQ for my Canadian Armoured Company

2 x Sextons also for my Canadian Armoured - 4 more on order for BF

And in the mail winging their way to me are the
Forgeworld MkII Assault Marines - 2 lots of 5 for my 30k/40k Word Bearers

BF Auster AOP for my Canadian Armoured

3 x Stuarts for my Canadian Armoured

The only issue I face right now is that when we moved house 3 weeks ago only one thing went missing... my can of BF LW British Armour meaning I have to hand paint the base of my tanks, that and BF were completely out of Sextons giving me a long wait for the 4 I ordered to turn up.  Luckily I picked up 2 dead cheap at Call to Arms last weekend $20 for both from memory.


Scott said...

I look forward to seeing your Canadians... we'll have to have a game when they are ready?

Danisnotatree said...

Also BF are out of SP01, British Armour Spray Paint, and a number of other things. We are moving in a month or so, and it is going to be logistically difficult to make sure all my little fellows, paint etc make it through unscathed!

John Murrie said...

@ Scott - a game would be excellent, and I reckon 4-6 weeks and they're all done (depending on BF back order timing of course)

@ Danis - AHHH!!! Just finished painting the first Sexton and its not looking the same as the Shermans. But I think thats more to do with the crap Tamiya Black undercoat I had to use instead of my normal GW paint

... first thing I packed and organised were my little toys just to make sure they were ok

lap1964 said...

Hope you haven't got that Stuart version,as it is the wrong one for Canadians in NWE ?

John Murrie said...

Its all good ordered right version used wrong pic :-)