August 21, 2013

Hobby Update - Forgeworld MkII Assault Marines

Two bags of FW excellent MkII armoured Assault Astartes arrived in the mail the other day and I spent a couple of hours last night getting the assembly process under way.  While FW models are fantastic glueing resin pieces together is still a pain and takes a fair bit of patience.

Because Assault marines have very large Jump Packs on their backs I opted to assemble all of the models by pinning them.  This made what is usually a tricky process substantially easier and the result are some very strong models.

Pinning process is pretty simple as resin drills quite easily and the sculpts allow for easy use of larger rods - I have smaller ones but have lost my small drill bit (again).  The following pieces have been pinned:
  • Legs to upper torso
  • Jump pack to upper torso
  • Arms to upper torso
Waiting on some wine corks for the basing and then I can start basing.  Weapons wise most will get the standard Bolt-Pistol + CCW kit out but I'll give at least one model a Lightning Claw but will attempt to magnetise it so I can swap it for a CCW if needed.

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