August 5, 2013

LW-FOW @ Call to Arms - the Day After

Another Call to Arms is over my fourth overall and 2nd playing FOW.  It was a very enjoyable weekend with 5 extremely enjoyable games of LW-FOW over 2 days and, personally, some good results.  I'll get full AARs and pictures up throughout the week.

My Results
G1 vs. Andrew Shepard (British Armour - Cromwells) 2-5
G2 vs. John Hutton (British Armoured - Churchills) 3-4
G3 vs. Sam Page (British Paras) 5-2
G4 vs. Paul Waechter (Shtrafnoy) 1-6
G5 vs. Scott Bowman (GePz Grenadiers) 6-1

Total Points 17 (1st had 24 then 3 players tied on 22)

Not bad and with 12th place I equalled my position from last year but that event had a bigger field 28 players vs. this years 20.  Games 2, 4 and 5 were very close run things and I was 1 turn away from winning Game 4 which would have switched the result from 1-6 to 5-2 putting me in 4th place.  But things don't always work out and I think 12th and 17 points were a fair reflection of how well I played vs. my opponents, and the general will of the Dice Gods (Slide show of the Day 2 army parade below - my FJ up first).

Kiwitolpuddle's CTA 2013 album on Photobucket

Best Sports for the event was Joshua Kennedy who is a very nice bloke with Sam Page runner up.  I nearly voted for Sam as he is fun to play against and really enjoys the game.  But I opted for Scott as you just had to admire they way he kept coming despite the best efforts of the Dice to ruin his day for him.  So, so close in that last game - but a hell of a match up.

Event Highlights
Quite a few overall:
- NZ Plunket catered the venue this year and the food was excellent, especially the brownies.
- 5 great games against 5 really good opponents over 2 days.
- A well organised event and some great prizes for the top place getters.
- Picking up 2 Sextons for my Canadian armoured dead cheap.
- FOW itself, extremely enjoyable and the playing community is just great.
- Having 4/5 games vs. Allied players
- AA shooting down every bit of air that came my way.
- Listening to Adam enjoy himself in the WHFB competition.
- Using Tigers
- The overnight Pigeon attack on a number of WHFB armies
- Good gaming focused talk on the drive down and back, learnt a lot about 40k
- Huge all you can eat, all inclusive, hot food breakfast buffet at my accomodation.
- Getting a team sorted for the NZ WHFB Team Champs next year.

Event Low Lights
None really except
- *ahem* Bob mucking up his scoring again... really Bob
- Mate Glen getting marked down for Sports and losing 1st place in the 40k comp by 0.3 points WTF!!!
- Falling asleep and missing all but 5-6 minutes of the Super Rugby final.

Next event is FRACAS this Sunday in Wanganui (or Whanganui if you want to be PC) 650pts Battle of the Bulge themed event.  1st game is Pincer Germans attacking, then 3 FFA with a 2nd Pincer - Allies attacking to finish off.


Scott said...

Nice slide show :-)
I enjoyed our game too, though will comment more on your final game report...

lap1964 said...

Some nice looking armies there.Where did the Soviet Shtraf (the ones with grey bases) army finnish ?

John Murrie said...

Pauls Shtraf finished 9th overall with 2 good wins - including one against me which was a close run thing.

He only had 3 platoons but he used them very effectively.

Scott said...

Just noticed you picked me for best sport/game - thanks very much!
As it turned out I picked you too as the game was probably the one I enjoyed the most despite the loss,... I just always felt I had a chance, and kept pushing, it was exciting, and good end to the weekend for me!