August 27, 2013

Whats better than one High Elf Griffon? Two Griffons

Started work on my 2nd High Elf Griffon which I've modified so it can be used as a BSB.  Plan is to include him in my reworked High Elf army which due to some serious painting over the last week might actually be ready for Skitterleap (AH the dilemma of having 3 armies to choose from). 

Going for a slightly different look on this one to make them easier to tell apart.  Only realised after I uploaded the photos that the camera had a smudge on the lens but they're still ok.

Only a WIP though... maybe 2 more nights of painting till its done.

The rider on the Blue Griffon has been modified by replacing the right arm with one from the Spear Elves kit, a shield from the Nobles kit and a bow with quiver also from the Spear Elves kit.  Banner pole is a 3mm brass rod from the GF9 pinning kit.  Drilled a hole through the right hand and slotted the rod through that.  Rectangular banner is from a Chariot kit and the original lance head from the Griffon kit (with the banner on it) is pinned to the top of this.

Basic kit out for this guy in BSB form will be:
- Dragon Armour, Charmed Shield, Sword of Might, Golden Crown, Griffon w. Swiftsense

Gives him 3+ AS and 6+ WS base with 2+ WS vs. Flaming attacks, 2+ WS vs. first hit and 2+ WS vs. first wound.  Both he and the Griffon have ASF.  Would also give him Potion of Foolhardiness where points allow.


Scott said...

Big beastie!
I always enjoyed the links to classic mythology, in WFB world.

Wryth said...

Really nice work John. The blue looks damn good, nice work on the banner conversion too.

PaW said...

18 inch BSB bubble for the win :)
don't forget it.

John Murrie said...

Oh I had forgotten about the 18" thing and Eltharion is Leadership 10 as well - cheers

The Kiwi said...

They look impressive.