August 29, 2013

WIP - Dwarf Army Display Board, 30k Carnsaurs & Griffon disaster

In a mad rush of enthusiasm I started work on a display board for my Dwarfs yesterday. Using a range of materials including (1) A cheap cork message board as the base, (2) Florist Green Foam for sculpting and (3) pre-cut balsa wood bricks.

Display board layout #1 - OK but too cramped

Display board layout #2 - much much better and what Ill go with
Worked out two variations of how I want it to look after building some mock ups with my kids building blocks. Next step will be assembly, covering the whole thing in sealer (to keep moisture out of the bricks), covering again with poly-filler and finally painting. To make the board stand out a little more I ordered some of Scibor miniatures excellent Dwarven terrain pieces which will make a nice addition to the overall look. The Green Foam has the added benefit of being easy to carve and to sculpt in so I can do some rune work over the main gates of the hold. Going to go with the 2nd variation I think showing my Throng marching out of the Hold ready to do battle.
In other WIP news I volunteered (or asked) to paint Jeff Kents new Carnosaur model as quite frankly its awesome, I want to give it a go and he isn't that keen. Have a couple of colour scheme ideas to run by him tonight at the club.

Also have my 10 FW MkII Assault Marines based and ready to go after sourcing a whole bunch of old wine corks (the slight odour of red wine adds to the effect). Each model is pinned to the cork and I started work on painting the first 5 last night.

In regard to the Griffon I posted yesterday I am going to have to strip it and start again as I completely screwed up the wings and have ruined the overall look. Can't paint over my mistakes as it will ruin the detail..... *sigh*


Herman van Kradenburg said...

The display board idea looks great. I personally like the first design better, but as you say it may be bit cramped.
The second one gets the idea of a Dwarf Host sallying forth to do battle across nicely, while the first is more "Bring it on, we're waiting!"
All we need now is a new Army Book!

John Murrie said...

I like variation 1 as well but need a bigger board to make it work.... might have to go shopping on way home from work.

Rumour mill at Faiet212 (normally 40k only) is that Dwarfs may be out in October - personally Im not holding my breath.

Scott said...

I like board #2 - marching out of the hold, looks cool.

Sorry to hear about the Griffon wings, hope it works out.