August 31, 2013

Word Bearers MkII Armoured Assault Marine

Completed first (test) model of my 10 man Word Bearers Assault Squad last night.  Turned out better than I hoped and more importantly its a close match to the colour scheme I had originally developed for the MkIII & MkIV armoured figures.  Base is made out of an old wine cork.  Model pinned together and pinned to the base. Grass tufts are from the Minatur range

The MkII Assault Marine with a MkIII Armoured Marine for contrast


Minitrol said...

Looks great mate. Only thing I would suggest is a lighter drybrush on the cork it still looks whole cork and it's a little flat.

Maybe some pigment?

John Murrie said...

Cheers ill do that. I would wash it but ran out of my sepia mud and ogyrn flesh washes a while back unfortunately