September 28, 2013

Ogre Slaughtermaster completed

Found this model a lot of fun to paint, so much so I got it completed far quicker than I would have thought.  As its nearly all skin I felt it needed something to make it stand out more so decided to add some painted symbols for extra effect.  The claw like pattern on the stomach is the symbol I use on all of my Ogre banners, the other stuff is just random decoration.  Turned out pretty well so considering how to do something similar across the rest of my army.

Finally a straight comparison - GW Butcher on the left - Scibor Miniatures Slaughterer on the right
Scibor have a 1-2 other Ogre miniatures and if they match this one in terms of quality, sculpt and joy to paint I am definately going to have to get them.  But for the immediate future particularly the NZ Team Champs in March a few more Leadbelchers and at least 2 more Mournfang are key items on my Ogre shopping list.

Next models to get some painting treatment are:
  • 2 x Ogre Sabretusks
  • Lizardman Carnosaur
  • Word Bearers MkII armoured Assault Squad

September 27, 2013

WIP - Ogre Slaughtermaster; Scibor miniatures alternate variant

Latest addition to my Ogre collection a Scibor Miniatures Slaughtermaster. Sculpt is excellent, model is exactly to scale and the model was easy to put together. One small pin in each foot to attach the figure to the base and one pin through the handle of the Cleaver to attach that to his and all done.

Have posted some WIP in progress pics showing the stages I go through to paint up my Ogres. Basically I have painted different parts of the model to different stages and highlighted where and how so you can have a look. Aim to get him finished off this weekend.


September 25, 2013

WIP - Dwarf Display board: Rune inscribed main gate & painting all done

Big progress on my Display board over the last couple of days.  I had always planned to put runes around the main gate of the Hold but was struggling to source a suitable material for carving them into.  So the other night I sat down with some match sticks and various random bits of balsa wood and made a main gate complete with runes from scratch.Its turned out better than I could have hoped and really adds to the overall effect of the board.  Painting wise I have finished the board after applying a darker grey coat and several layers of drybrushing with each successive layer slightly lighter than the one before.

Door frame glue into position - just needs some filler around the edges to plug the gaps and then I'll paint it up.
The door frame complete with Rune's (all from the current army book).  One corner is painted as I wanted to see how the bare balsa wood would absorb it as the match sticks were of a slightly different consistency to the blocks used on the battlements.

September 23, 2013

WIP - Dwarf Display Board Battlements completed

Finished the battlements for my display board last night after doing some online research to check out various Medieval castle structures.  Ideally Id love to build some murder holes, archery slits and the other defensive structures you see on castles of that period but my building skills aren't that great.

September 22, 2013

Dwarven Ballad & Stumpy Heaven Blog Updates

Made some minor changes to some of the pages listed on the menu bar at the top of the blog.  You should now see a more complete and much easier to use list of links on the Dwarf and Ogre posts pages.  Have also fixed up and added some more detail to the Tournaments page.

Not every post is linked just most of the key ones and I have left off the links to the large number of 7th Edition WFHB Battle Reports for now.

Also noticed when tallying up the # of events I had taken my various armies to just how crap my results are with High Elves especially when compared against my Ogres... definately leaning toward Ogres for the NZ Team Championships more and more now.

Will be updating the High Elf and 30/40k links during the week and then doing some more work on other parts of the blog.

Finally the building of my Dwarven Display Board has gotten my interest in my Dwarf fluff project well and truly re-ignited so I am going to make some HUGE changes/updates to my other Blog Karak Thorinkin over the next few weeks.

But to wet your appetite here's something I posted on there a few years back..

September 20, 2013

2013 WHFB Season comes to an end.. while mine anyway

I had to withdraw from Skitterleap yesterday my final 2400pt WHFB event of the year as the event dates fell on my sons 4th Birthday and thats not something I can miss.  With the cricket season starting next week I am now heading into summer sport mode which means that wargaming will take a back seat till March/April next year.  I will still get the odd Thursday night game in but will not be attending any tournament events until next years WHFB New Zealand Team Champs in February.  Although the Horus Heresy weekender in November is still a possibility.

However, I do have a large number of projects to get completed over the next few months in time for the 2014 tournament season.  2013 was a busy year but principally on the FOW side as I attended 4 FOW tournaments this year and only 3 WHFB events. I managed one Top 10 finish with my Ogres last weekend and very nearly achieved a podium at CTA in the LW-FOW event but a close loss in Game 4 knocked me back to 12th.  Regardless I had a blast at all of the events I attended this year the 3 day NATCON event especially.

You may notice a few changes to the blog over the next week or so as I get around to adding/fixing up various links and modifiying the layout.... 

September 19, 2013

200 Blog Followers! Oh my and thank you!!!

I noticed this morning that my little blog has passed a bit of milestone and gotten its 200th follower.  I'm very pleasantly surprised by that and would like to thank everyone who drops by my part of the internet to have a read of my various musings and to post comments.

After 903 posts starting with the first on 7th February 2008 I am still enjoying writing about wargaming in all its various forms.  What started out as a small personal project to pass the time and keep track of my game has turned into so much more than that and now its a regular part of my life outside of work and family. 

So thank you to everyone who takes the time to read Stumpy Heaven its been a great 6 years so far.

As for whats happening in the future?

Well I have lots of projects still on the go and over the next week or two will be making some minor adjustments to Stumpy Heaven including:  a better index and link list to help people find things, a decent gallery of army images and more importantly - with my return to Dwarfs - a return to the old style narrative story like battle reports I used to write.  For a while there I lost my creative flow but its back now.

September 18, 2013

New Forgeworld Word Bearers stock...

I've been waiting for the release of Book 2 of Forgeworlds Horus Heresy series for sometime and this month its due to be go on sale.  The book includes the Word Bearers and Im also expecting the remainder of the year to see a gradual release of Word Bearer specific models to fit the new book.

First on the rank and Word Bearer shoulder pads and Vehicle doors all with the old style Word Bearers icon of the burning book.  I will definately be ordering some of these but face a little problem... do I take the existing shoulder pads of my current models all of which are painted and have had the shoulder pads superglued on and replace them with these new ones without wrecking the models?

Ideas would be greatly appreciated...

MkII Shoulder Pads

MkIII Shoulder Pads

Rhino Doors

September 17, 2013

Dwarf 2400pt tournament list vs. Ogres

Getting my Dwarfs out this Thursday against Hamish Forbes Ogres.  It will be Hamish's first game in a while and his first since moving to the Manawatu and Im looking forward to giving my Stumpys another run.  The intent is to get some solid practice in with them before taking them off to Skitterleap next month - although after doing so well with Ogres at the 2 events I took them too I was nearly tempted to take them, nearly but not quite.  Why?  Because I love Dwarfs, I like playing Dwarfs, haven't used them in a while, prefer them to Ogres & High Elves (even if winning with them is A LOT harder) and they're the best painted of my armies (which is going to help at the event).

Usually for Dwarfs I take a combat focused list as I dont like castling, have never liked the points sink you get with the Anvil of Doom and have not seen gunlines as an effective option. 

This time I am going with something a little different and definately more gunline orientated but with a solid GW combat component to support it. 

Dwarf Lord
w. Shieldbearers, RO Resistance, RO Furnace, MR Challenge, RO Cleaving, RO Iron x2
2+ rerollable AS; 5+WS; 2+WS vs. Flaming; Immunity to Poison, Killing Blow & Heroic Killing Blow; 4xS5 attacks @ WS7; can force one enemy unit to charge.  Not the completely unkillable Lord i could go with but he is good enough.  His key job is to pull strong enemy units onto him and the Hammerers and to provide his L10.  Including him means dropping the Miners I usually take though, and moving away from my standard 2 Character limit.
w. RO Stone, Shield, RO Spellbreaking x2
Bog standard Runesmith but only 2 scrolls not 3 which I could take but decided not to.
w. Battle Standard, MR Gromil, MR Swiftness, RO Cleaving, RO Furnace
Bog standard BSB set up with the 1+ AS but no re-rolls or immunity to poison/KB.  Instead he has an ASF S5 weapon that will provide a useful first strike option in any combat.
Dragon Slayers x2

Usefully annoying roadblocks that aren't intended to do anything except get in peoples way and protect the warmachines.
30 x Warriors
w. SB, Mu, GW

20 x Quarrellers
w. SB, Mu, GW
19 x Quarrellers
w. SB, Mu, GW
Big change here as I have dropped my usual unit of 30 GW weilding Rangers and included two large blocks of GW weilding Quarrellers instead.  Usually I only take a single unit of 16.  Crossbows are underrated missile weapons and at S5 they are good in combat and have the numbers to hit back.

29 x Hammerers
w. SB, Mu, RO Determination
Ideally Id take 40 of these guys or 38 + the Shieldbearer Lord but points get in the way.  RO Determination gives them the ability to be unbreakable for one turn as it means they can take a break test on 1D6 not bad when your stubborn, and IFT with the Lord.

Double Organ Gun
Double Cannon
1st Cannon - RO Forging, RO Burning
2nd Cannon - RO Forging

2nd big change in my list is the inclusion of a 4th Warmachine.  My usual setup is Organ Gun, Cannon & S4/5 Stone Thrower.  I then stick in a unit of 20 odd Miners, but they went to make way for the Lord. If it wasnt for the comp rules Id take 3 Organ Guns but 2 will be sufficient.  One advantage of being a Dwarf is that every model - using TLOS - is taller than you so you can position an Organ Gun behind your troops and shoot anything over the top of them.

TOTAL 2,400pts exactly

As I said list is a big change for me with the loss of the Miners and Rangers who add some solid tactical deployment options.  It also reflects a play style very different from that of the other Dwarf players in the local Wellington Tournament scene (Tane, Simon & Adam).  I have a particular set up and approach I like and value big blocks of troops and don't like to remain static but think I need to change that approach.  Yes the AoD would help, as would a Gyro, but I the AoD simply costs too much and requires too many compromises.

September 15, 2013

Ogres take 7th place at Warpfire

Back from Warpfire a 1000pt Adepticon Scenario based WHFB tournament in Wellington last night.  It was a fantastic event 1000-1200pt games are always a lot of fun and everybody on the day was in a great mood.  What was great to see was the mix of armies on display with only Skaven failing to make an appearance.

My 1000pt Ogre army - Butcher, Bruiser BSB, 5 Ironguts, 2 lots of 2 Mournfang and the Ironblaster
Somehow I managed to take 7th place in the event only my 3rd Top 10 finish and 2nd with Ogres something I was pleasantly surprised by.  Its always strange to hear the results called out and wonder why your name hasn't cropped up in the lower half of the field as it usually does.

The Adepticon scenarios were a great addition to the event awarding bonus BP for every terrain piece you captured and additional BP for other objectives.  Only downside of the event was the bug I picked up from someone felt like arse on the drive back and still do this morning.  Couldn't even stay awake to watch the All Blacks beat South Africa.

Game 1 vs. Neil Williamson (Brettonians)
I enjoy playing Neil as he is such a nice bloke plus a great WHFB player.  This scenario awarded bonus points for killing your opponents core and preserving your own.  Not good for me as my core consisted of 5 Ironguts whereas Neil had 20+ Knights.  It was a game in which the person who got off the first charge would get the win.  Neil played very well and set himself up in a better position than me.  While I managed to kill a few Knights - none with the Ironblaster - Neil eventually tabled me.

Result - Loss 5 BP

Up against Neils colourful Brettonians
 Game 2 vs Jeff Kent (Orcs n Goblins)
Jeff was taking a quasi-Dwarf list lots of warmachines and one big block of Savage Orcs from which he 6 diced Foot of Gork every turn.  Jeff castled up and basically pulverised my guys as they crossed the board.  Misfires and miscasts on his part killed more Orcs than I managed to and in the end I only had my Butcher left on the table but did manage to pick up a single bonus point.

Result - Loss 5 BP + 1 Bonus Point

Game 3 vs. Simon Switzer (Dwarfs)
Simon had 2 blocks of 30 Warriors with GW, a BSB, Runesmith and Cannon.  In his first two games he had amazingly bad luck and did not have a good weekend.  Although he did get to enjoy having the mickey taken out of him by everyone at the event.  Basically I charged in and wiped him out but it was close.  Both Mournfang units hit one of his 30 Warrior blocks but only killed 8 Dwarfs in the first round.  His 2nd block flanked charged the Mournfang and the my Ironguts got involved. Bonus points in this scenario came from kiling your opponents General (+3) and any caster including Runesmiths (+1 each), as well as terrain captures.  I directed a whole pile of attacks at Simons Runesmith General killing him and then did the same at his BSB removing his re-rolls.  The Mournfang got wiped out but Simon was down to approx. 15 Warriors who went chasing my Butcher - who had taken wounds from moving through a venom thicket.  The Ironguts then hit his Warriors in the rear and wiped them out but not before his cannon had hit and failed to wound them.  If he had I would have had to take a Panic test on L8 which would have given him the win had I failed

Result - Win 15 BP + 5 Bonus Points

Mournfang fight it out with Simons Dwarfs

Game 4 vs Caleb Rouse (High Elves)
Caleb was fielding my High Elves with 2 lots of Reavers, some Archers, a mounted BSB, Fire Mage and Frostheart.  The Ironblaster finally worked in this game and scored 4 wounds of the Frostheart in Turn 1 and I then got a whole pile of charges of which saw the Mournfang go rampaging through his units.  With everything but the Frostheart dead he had no choice but to run it into me and try to kill something before I took its last wound.  Bonus points in this scenario came from having your general in a 18" box around the centre.

Result - Win 15 BP + 7/8 Bonus Points

Game 5 vs. Stu Robinson (WoC)
Stu had an unkillable Lord on a disc, 2 Chimeras, a Chariot and a small unit of Warriors.  The scenario created an 18" box around the centre of the table within which any unit took D6 S1 magical hits with no AS at the end of every turn.  Bonus points came from having the most Fortitude in the box, terrain and fortitude in the box (Max 2). I decided to play save and force him to advance across the 18" box while letting the Ironblaster take out his Chimeras.  I was never going to hurt his Lord so planned to stay as far away from him as possible.  Stu - who I always enjoy playing against as he is a incredibly nice guy - got unlucky when the Ironblaster nearly killed one Chimera and then the 2nd took 3 wounds crossing the 18" area.  When it and his Lord on the Disc charged my Ironblaster it managed to kill the Chimera before dying itself.  The 2nd Chimera was killed by Mournfang and the Chariot by the Ironguts.  The game ended in a draw though as we were even on points lost and neither of us was in a position to force a win with our units chasing eachother around the board.

Result - Draw 10 BP + 7 Bonus Points

Overall Results - 2 Wins, Draw, 2 Losses -  50 BP + 20/21 Bonus points

I also managed to score 20/25 for painting which was pretty cool especially as Locky was being particularly hard on applying the standards.  My list worked well but the Butcher was a waste of points and a Firebelly would have been better and far more useful. The Ironblaster didnt do much until Game 4 & 5 and my core was too small.
Tables 1 - 3

Also learnt the hard way the impact of the new rule which sees Standard Bearers die when they flee.  While I maxed out my standards to gain Scenario points it also cost me as whenever the Mournfang fled they auto-died as usually the only model left was the Standard Bearer
Tables 4 - 6
Tables 7 - 9
Tables 10 - 12

Next event is Skitterleap which I should be taking Dwarfs too but I might switch to Ogres.  After that we have Vermintide in November 1200pts of WHFB in which my Ogres will definately get another outing after finishing 12th there last year.

September 11, 2013

Dual Frostheart/Flamesphyre Phoenix "finally" finished

As Caleb is borrowing my High Elves for Warpfire this weekend I've been in some extra effort to get a few models finished for him including a unit of Reavers and my Frostheart/Flamespyre Phoenix.  It was one of those jobs where I only had one little thing left to do and consequently put it off.

Finally touches have been:
- Finishing of flame insert for behind head (used when no rider is taken)
- Pin insert for flame insert so I can swap it out for the rider when wanted
- Blue flames on the base

Apologies for the crappy photography... really need to buy a decent camera

Blue flames on the back to match those on top
Flame insert with the rod to help with swapping it in and out
Hole for the rod to go
Inserting the piece
The end result with insert in place

September 8, 2013

Dwarf Army Display Board #3 Floral foam out, polystyrene in

Big progress on my Dwarven army display board today.  After several failed attempts to get the Floral Foam to hold its shape and accept glue I opted a couple of days ago to abandon it altogether.  Luckily a recent purchase left me with a number of very large polystyrene pieces one of which was perfectly shaped to act as the gate to my Dwarven hold.

Polystyrene also has the added benefit of being strong while easy to shape and glue together.  The end result has been an easily assembled entrace to my Dwarven hold - Karak Thorinkin. A few extra cuts here and there allowed me to fill out the board - which I've now rotated to have the longest edge facing forward, while some balsa wood blocks provide a great looking stone facing. 

Progress so far - initial assembly followed by the first layer of Filler
Pre-made Balsa wood blocks from Spotlight a local craft shop/warehouse - balsa wood glue also works on polystyrene
Door to the hol with Statue (not yet glued) in place.  Initial layer of filler not quite finished (ran out).  Door and area around it will get various runes carved into them for added detail
Small outcrop - perfect size for a warmachine or an Anvil of Doom.  Will get walls placed around it
Top down view of right side showing assembly process - PVA glue and wire
Top view of left side
Scibor miniatures excellent Dwarven terrain pieces
Cheap wire (3mm) essential to giving any polystyrene model strength.  Just cut off a few lengths and insert them through the various pieces for added strength.  Coat the wire in PVA glue for a bit of extra binding
The filler I use for basing - easy to apply, cheap, drys quick and takes paint well.  Putting at least 2 layers of this over the Polystyrene to allow me to sculpt in various features and to provide a surface for taking paint - Polystyrene doesnt do this very well so the filler is needed
First attempt at a Balsa wood wall
The various sized pre-cut Balsa wood pieces that I am going to use for walls and other fortifications
Not being able to get the Floral Foam to work was annoying but the Polystyrene has worked out a lot better.  The large amount I have left over also means I can make another couple of boards one for Flames of War, one for my High Elves and another for 30/40k. 

Polystyrene is also fairly easy to source your local recycling centre should have some lying around, various department stores will also have some from items unboxed and put on display (get in quick before they bin it though) - as will other shops, and your always bound to know someone who has brought something recently that came packed in the stuff.

Next Steps
1. Another layer of filler
2. Make and position the battlements/fortifications
3. Undercoating
4. Painting