September 19, 2013

200 Blog Followers! Oh my and thank you!!!

I noticed this morning that my little blog has passed a bit of milestone and gotten its 200th follower.  I'm very pleasantly surprised by that and would like to thank everyone who drops by my part of the internet to have a read of my various musings and to post comments.

After 903 posts starting with the first on 7th February 2008 I am still enjoying writing about wargaming in all its various forms.  What started out as a small personal project to pass the time and keep track of my game has turned into so much more than that and now its a regular part of my life outside of work and family. 

So thank you to everyone who takes the time to read Stumpy Heaven its been a great 6 years so far.

As for whats happening in the future?

Well I have lots of projects still on the go and over the next week or two will be making some minor adjustments to Stumpy Heaven including:  a better index and link list to help people find things, a decent gallery of army images and more importantly - with my return to Dwarfs - a return to the old style narrative story like battle reports I used to write.  For a while there I lost my creative flow but its back now.


Scott said...

Well deserved. Great stuff here as always John, keep up the good work. :-)

Red Dog said...

Congratulations John! It must be satisfying to have built up such a fine blog over the years. Looking forward to more to come :-)

John Murrie said...

Thanks guys :)

The Kiwi said...

Very cool.
Keep at it.