September 20, 2013

2013 WHFB Season comes to an end.. while mine anyway

I had to withdraw from Skitterleap yesterday my final 2400pt WHFB event of the year as the event dates fell on my sons 4th Birthday and thats not something I can miss.  With the cricket season starting next week I am now heading into summer sport mode which means that wargaming will take a back seat till March/April next year.  I will still get the odd Thursday night game in but will not be attending any tournament events until next years WHFB New Zealand Team Champs in February.  Although the Horus Heresy weekender in November is still a possibility.

However, I do have a large number of projects to get completed over the next few months in time for the 2014 tournament season.  2013 was a busy year but principally on the FOW side as I attended 4 FOW tournaments this year and only 3 WHFB events. I managed one Top 10 finish with my Ogres last weekend and very nearly achieved a podium at CTA in the LW-FOW event but a close loss in Game 4 knocked me back to 12th.  Regardless I had a blast at all of the events I attended this year the 3 day NATCON event especially.

You may notice a few changes to the blog over the next week or so as I get around to adding/fixing up various links and modifiying the layout.... 


Jeffrey Kent said...

The Kid doesn't know when his Birthday is John! It's not too late to reschedule the date, do you really want to miss every Skitterleap?

James Brewerton said...

Good luck with the cricket season, keep us posted on your painting progress and we will see you on the other side :)
Peace James

John Murrie said...

@ Jeff - Its Ok Caleb is going to bring my Dwarfs along for me so no-one will miss out. And realistically I think everyone should agree to move the events date just to accomodate me ;)

@ James - Thanks and will do, aim to get a lot more painting in over the next few months. And have the NZTC coming up in February to look forward to..