September 6, 2013

Adepticon WHFB Scenario Experience...

Had a test match with my Warpfire 1000pt Ogre list last night against Calebs High Elves using the Adepticon 2013 Scenarios that will be used at the tournament next weekend (you can download them here).  The lists were:

Brusier BSB - HA, Bane Gem, Charmed Shield, LOG
5 x Ironguts - Mu, SB, BoSwiftness
2 x Mournfang - Mu, SB, HA, IF
2 x Mournfang - Mu, SB, HA, IF

Mage - L1, Fire
Noble BSB - DA, Barded Steed, GW, Reaver Bow, Charmed Shield, Golden Crown
15 x Archers - Mu, SB
5 x Reavers - Bows, Mu
5 x Reavers - Bows, Mu

The scenario we ended up playing was No.5 Ghost in the Graveyard.  Game length followed the rules from Watchtower with possibility it might end after Turn 4.  The two big changes were (1) a bubble 18" square centred on the middle of the 4' x 4' board.  Within the bubble all units caused Fear and at the end of every turn each unit within it (partial or full) would take 1D6 S1 hits with no AS, and (2) different VP scoring with bonuses for holding terrain features and having Fortitude within the Ghost bubble. 

The game showed that the Scenarios are going to be a lot of fun to play and that my Ogre list should work but if I come up against anybody with Ethereal units (e.g. Vampires) I am going to get creamed.

I enjoy 1000pt games as they tend to be faster, more tactical and usually more balanced.  The addition of Scenario rules really enhances the experience so I am looking forward to next weekend even more now...

...oh and for the record Caleb tabled me... damn Frostheart is impossible to kill!!!


Anonymous said...

When I left it looked like you were doing ok... looking forward to getting back into it again...

email me and I will give you my contact details for the club..


John Murrie said...

Will do