September 11, 2013

Dual Frostheart/Flamesphyre Phoenix "finally" finished

As Caleb is borrowing my High Elves for Warpfire this weekend I've been in some extra effort to get a few models finished for him including a unit of Reavers and my Frostheart/Flamespyre Phoenix.  It was one of those jobs where I only had one little thing left to do and consequently put it off.

Finally touches have been:
- Finishing of flame insert for behind head (used when no rider is taken)
- Pin insert for flame insert so I can swap it out for the rider when wanted
- Blue flames on the base

Apologies for the crappy photography... really need to buy a decent camera

Blue flames on the back to match those on top
Flame insert with the rod to help with swapping it in and out
Hole for the rod to go
Inserting the piece
The end result with insert in place


Sam said...

Really like the idea John, well executed too. Maybe highlight the red up to almost a white on the edges?

John Murrie said...

Ill do that thanks