September 17, 2013

Dwarf 2400pt tournament list vs. Ogres

Getting my Dwarfs out this Thursday against Hamish Forbes Ogres.  It will be Hamish's first game in a while and his first since moving to the Manawatu and Im looking forward to giving my Stumpys another run.  The intent is to get some solid practice in with them before taking them off to Skitterleap next month - although after doing so well with Ogres at the 2 events I took them too I was nearly tempted to take them, nearly but not quite.  Why?  Because I love Dwarfs, I like playing Dwarfs, haven't used them in a while, prefer them to Ogres & High Elves (even if winning with them is A LOT harder) and they're the best painted of my armies (which is going to help at the event).

Usually for Dwarfs I take a combat focused list as I dont like castling, have never liked the points sink you get with the Anvil of Doom and have not seen gunlines as an effective option. 

This time I am going with something a little different and definately more gunline orientated but with a solid GW combat component to support it. 

Dwarf Lord
w. Shieldbearers, RO Resistance, RO Furnace, MR Challenge, RO Cleaving, RO Iron x2
2+ rerollable AS; 5+WS; 2+WS vs. Flaming; Immunity to Poison, Killing Blow & Heroic Killing Blow; 4xS5 attacks @ WS7; can force one enemy unit to charge.  Not the completely unkillable Lord i could go with but he is good enough.  His key job is to pull strong enemy units onto him and the Hammerers and to provide his L10.  Including him means dropping the Miners I usually take though, and moving away from my standard 2 Character limit.
w. RO Stone, Shield, RO Spellbreaking x2
Bog standard Runesmith but only 2 scrolls not 3 which I could take but decided not to.
w. Battle Standard, MR Gromil, MR Swiftness, RO Cleaving, RO Furnace
Bog standard BSB set up with the 1+ AS but no re-rolls or immunity to poison/KB.  Instead he has an ASF S5 weapon that will provide a useful first strike option in any combat.
Dragon Slayers x2

Usefully annoying roadblocks that aren't intended to do anything except get in peoples way and protect the warmachines.
30 x Warriors
w. SB, Mu, GW

20 x Quarrellers
w. SB, Mu, GW
19 x Quarrellers
w. SB, Mu, GW
Big change here as I have dropped my usual unit of 30 GW weilding Rangers and included two large blocks of GW weilding Quarrellers instead.  Usually I only take a single unit of 16.  Crossbows are underrated missile weapons and at S5 they are good in combat and have the numbers to hit back.

29 x Hammerers
w. SB, Mu, RO Determination
Ideally Id take 40 of these guys or 38 + the Shieldbearer Lord but points get in the way.  RO Determination gives them the ability to be unbreakable for one turn as it means they can take a break test on 1D6 not bad when your stubborn, and IFT with the Lord.

Double Organ Gun
Double Cannon
1st Cannon - RO Forging, RO Burning
2nd Cannon - RO Forging

2nd big change in my list is the inclusion of a 4th Warmachine.  My usual setup is Organ Gun, Cannon & S4/5 Stone Thrower.  I then stick in a unit of 20 odd Miners, but they went to make way for the Lord. If it wasnt for the comp rules Id take 3 Organ Guns but 2 will be sufficient.  One advantage of being a Dwarf is that every model - using TLOS - is taller than you so you can position an Organ Gun behind your troops and shoot anything over the top of them.

TOTAL 2,400pts exactly

As I said list is a big change for me with the loss of the Miners and Rangers who add some solid tactical deployment options.  It also reflects a play style very different from that of the other Dwarf players in the local Wellington Tournament scene (Tane, Simon & Adam).  I have a particular set up and approach I like and value big blocks of troops and don't like to remain static but think I need to change that approach.  Yes the AoD would help, as would a Gyro, but I the AoD simply costs too much and requires too many compromises.


PaW said...

you know organ guns are rare... That means you can't have 3 regardless of comp. :) Unless of course the BRB changes

John Murrie said...

Actually you could take 5 if you wanted to. Max total of rare choices at 2400pts is 25% or 600pts. So @ 120pts each thats 5 Organ Guns.

Anonymous said...

I think I want to play my Orcs... looks like my little sabre tusks are going to be very busy then very dead!

looking forward to the game..

7.30 start or 7.00pm?

PaW said...

No... Look at page 135. Rare Points limit 25% Duplicate choices 2 (4 in grand army)
Special, 50% Duplicate choices 3 ( 6 in grand army)

thats why you only see 3 sabertusks for instance

John Murrie said...

Oops - Thanks PaW for some reason I always overlook that rule and focus on the points restrictions only.

Thanks for highlighting it for me