September 8, 2013

Dwarf Army Display Board #3 Floral foam out, polystyrene in

Big progress on my Dwarven army display board today.  After several failed attempts to get the Floral Foam to hold its shape and accept glue I opted a couple of days ago to abandon it altogether.  Luckily a recent purchase left me with a number of very large polystyrene pieces one of which was perfectly shaped to act as the gate to my Dwarven hold.

Polystyrene also has the added benefit of being strong while easy to shape and glue together.  The end result has been an easily assembled entrace to my Dwarven hold - Karak Thorinkin. A few extra cuts here and there allowed me to fill out the board - which I've now rotated to have the longest edge facing forward, while some balsa wood blocks provide a great looking stone facing. 

Progress so far - initial assembly followed by the first layer of Filler
Pre-made Balsa wood blocks from Spotlight a local craft shop/warehouse - balsa wood glue also works on polystyrene
Door to the hol with Statue (not yet glued) in place.  Initial layer of filler not quite finished (ran out).  Door and area around it will get various runes carved into them for added detail
Small outcrop - perfect size for a warmachine or an Anvil of Doom.  Will get walls placed around it
Top down view of right side showing assembly process - PVA glue and wire
Top view of left side
Scibor miniatures excellent Dwarven terrain pieces
Cheap wire (3mm) essential to giving any polystyrene model strength.  Just cut off a few lengths and insert them through the various pieces for added strength.  Coat the wire in PVA glue for a bit of extra binding
The filler I use for basing - easy to apply, cheap, drys quick and takes paint well.  Putting at least 2 layers of this over the Polystyrene to allow me to sculpt in various features and to provide a surface for taking paint - Polystyrene doesnt do this very well so the filler is needed
First attempt at a Balsa wood wall
The various sized pre-cut Balsa wood pieces that I am going to use for walls and other fortifications
Not being able to get the Floral Foam to work was annoying but the Polystyrene has worked out a lot better.  The large amount I have left over also means I can make another couple of boards one for Flames of War, one for my High Elves and another for 30/40k. 

Polystyrene is also fairly easy to source your local recycling centre should have some lying around, various department stores will also have some from items unboxed and put on display (get in quick before they bin it though) - as will other shops, and your always bound to know someone who has brought something recently that came packed in the stuff.

Next Steps
1. Another layer of filler
2. Make and position the battlements/fortifications
3. Undercoating
4. Painting


Scott said...

Like those dwarven statues - could be tempted to do something LOTR-ish with them...

John Murrie said...

They are pretty good - you can order them from Slave to Painting. And if you know how to make moulds you could always use them as a template for making more.