September 3, 2013

Dwarf Display Board, new Dwarf army book & WHFB 9th Edition

One site/blog I have started visiting over the last few months has been Faeit212 which provides a collection of wargaming news/rumours primarily 40k related.  It also touches on WHFB though and among the various discussions two have stood out.

#1 - New Dwarf Army book release date
So far this year the rumour has been pretty strong that it would emerge in August, but when Lizardmen took over this was pushed back to November.  General agreement is that the books written and that any delay is due to issues with whatever new models they are developing for the book - the time required to tool up the new moulds, create packaging etc is not something I had considered before.  With drums beating for Bretonnians and Dark Elves it now appears that Dwarfs have been pushed "again" this time to February 2015.

#2 - 9th Edition WHFB???
Now this completely took me by surprise.  I mean they havent even finished updating all the books to fit 8th Edition, and there are still three 6th Edition books in circulation (Wood Elves, Brettonians and to a lesser extent Dwarfs although this was aimed at 7th).  With 8th Edition barely two years old (I think) multiple army books (Beasts, Dwarfs, Wood Elves, Bretonnians, Dark Elves, Skaven) still be given the 8th Ed treatment I can't understand the thinking behind this.  I will follow these rumours closely though but with a LARGE pinch of salt.

And finally in relation to my Dwarf Display Board and in particular the use of Floral Foam as a basing item a comment tonight from one reader has prompted me to write the following little ditty about this substance.

Floral Foam FAQ

Q.  Why did I opt for Floral Foam?
A. Because, believe it or not, I used to work as a Florist (long time ago now) and I remembered it came in handy brick size - as in standard builders brick size - blocks and was easy to sculpt.

Q. What form does it come in?
A.  There are two types (1) Green or Wet Foam that absorbs and retains moisture.  This is the stuff put at the bottom of floral arrangements to keep the flowers alive, and (2) Dry Foam - typically grey(ish) that is more solid.

Q. How do Wet and Dry foam differ?
A. Wet foam is easier to sculpt and shape but is significantly easier to damage i.e. you touch it and your finger will immediately make an indentation.  You can also compress it extremely easily - a standard size brick can be squashed down to less than 1/4 its size.  Dry foam is harder to sculpt but resists compression.  Both types shed little fibres/bits whenever you handle them which leave a mess, stick to your clothes and hurt (dry particularly) if you get it in your eyes - but are otherwise safe.

Q. Why use wet foam then?
A. Because its easier to sculpt.  The compression and moisture absorbing issues can be overcome by application of a sealer as well as multiple layers of PVA glue.  This should coat the foam stopping moisture from getting in and allowing you a surface to apply your polyfiller too - the Polyfiller you then sculpt to form the surface features and provide a painting surface.  Altneratively you can cover it in filler etc wait for that to harden, scoop out the wet foam and back fill the gap - as removing the foam creates a mould.  

Now this might come back to bite me on the *#$@ if I can't get the sealer to work right, if it does I'll just switch to dry foam and use that instead.  

Q.  Whats it cost?
A.  NZ$4.50 - $5 a brick for Dry or Wet - its one of the reasons flower arrangements cost so much this and Gypsophila (those little white flowers that they put with roses) which costs a bundle and is marked up something shocking.

Q. What alternatives are there?
A.  A lot of people use Pink Insulation Foam - not Pinkbats - but solid foam blocks/sheets.  I haven't been able to find any at the local Mitre10 or Bunnings (NZ's two main hardware retailers) and as Floral Foam was the first thing that came to mind (as was relatively cheap) I opted to give that a go first.  

Q. What glue do you use to hold Wet Foam together?
A. When I figure that one out Ill let you know... trying a mix of different types on various off cuts at the moment after Googling a few different ideas.  When I discover which one works the best Ill post all the details.

Anyway hope this helps.... expect more progress over the next week or so, the aim is to get this thing finished by October 25th/26th my next big WHFB tournament Skitterleap.



Herman van Kradenburg said...

I too have seen the signs in the ether...? Why do we need 9th Ed? I think it is because the 8th Ed rules have been written for Phalanxes of infantry. And what did GW go and do? Write Army Books that favour Monsters and Monstrous Cavalry. Ergo: Not enough rules to manage the use of these models. That's why we are seeing unbalanced Monstrous Cav. heavy lists in comp. And how about we force those players who have not gone for the new monsters to buy a new book ? and then need lots of monsters...(Read $200+ for Aus/NZ citizens) Bigger is better, you know, and sales rule supreme! Read creating a demand for monsters and models. Not good if you're still hanging onto your old metal models and using them as the core of your armies!

Scott said...

Hi John, just thought I'd mention I have sourced Styrodur and Styrofoam (I think it was called) from Forman Insulation here in NZ - similar to Pink foam but here its pale green...

John Murrie said...

Have to agree with you there. If they are going to do this then I really hope that the take the opportunity to advance the fluff behind the Warhammer world forward a few hundred years. They missed a golden chance to do that with 8th Ed and I was extremely disappointed not to see a massive increase in the games back story particularly given the depth of material now available outside the rules.

John Murrie said...

@ Scott - Awesome thank you for the heads up Ill look them up now. The Green foam thing seemed like a good idea but its causing me huge issues atm...

Scott said...

Sorry to be cynical but isnt this just the usual GW ploy - update the rules and thus army lists on a roughly biannual basis forcing you into more purchases of every more increasingly expensive hobby products - driving sales of new models that are now deemed required or desirable?

9th edition? - lets just consider that,... how many goes does it take to get the rules right?...

John Murrie said...

Yep GW is nothing if not money focused. After more than a decade Battlefront has only reached v3 of its rules and I dont see that changing for a LONG time. Pity GW cant follow the same logic.

Scott said...

Couldn't agree more...

PaW said...

Whfb has been around 30 years.. 8 editions. So an update every 4-5 years... Seems the same as battlefront

John Murrie said...

I hadnt thought about it that way
Makes sense. As long as dwarfs get a new book and GW give us more fluff ill be happy